Social media now a player in what, where Filipinos eat: Kantar study


Posted at Sep 06 2017 08:15 PM

Social media posts greatly influence where and what Filipinos eat, according to a study by Kantar Media.

Seven out of 10 Filipinos love to eat out with their friends and family, and post photos of their experience on social media.

This also influences the country's restaurant industry, with people frequenting restaurants and food outlets based on social media posts by friends and family.

However, television is still the most dominant media in the country. 
"Television continues to dominate the media landscape with the highest reach of 98 per cent to Filipino diners in Metro Manila and 90 per cent reach across the Philippines," Jay Bautista, managing director of Kantar Media in the Philippines, said.

Billboards or out-of-home advertisements followed in terms of advertising reach at 67% in Metro Manila, and 64% nationwide. Online advertisements account for 64% reach for Metro Manila and 47% nationwide.

"There is a unique shift in media evolution with platforms complementing each other. Television is going digital while radio is evolving, billboards or the out-of-home advertising remains relevant and internet has grown social media users," Bautista said.

The study also highlighted the increase in use of social media channels at 85.1% in 2016 from 83.9% in 2014. 

The increase in social media use, particularly Facebook and Google chat, is higher in the provinces at 86.7% in 2016 from 83.4% in 2014, compared to social media users in the cities at 84.2% in 2016 from 84.1% in 2014.

"Young urban Filipinos aged between 10 to 19 years of age are the heaviest users of social media at 80 per cent, followed by the millennials aged between 20 to 29 years old with 70 per cent users of internet," Bautista said.