Smart, Globe or DITO? OpenSignal reports who is fastest


Posted at Jul 11 2022 09:11 PM

MANILA - Smart Communications rules downloads and 5G availability, while Globe had the most consistent quality of service, and DITO had the fastest average upload speeds, industry tracker OpenSignal said in its latest report. 

OpenSignal said this was based on its study of the performance of the country’s 3 main telcos in the first three months of the year.

It said Smart had average download speeds of 19.7 Mbps, and 149.9 Mbps for 5G. Smart subscribers also spent the most time connected to 5G and found a 5G signal in the most locations, OpenSignal said.

Globe meanwhile had the most consistent quality for meeting the minimum speed required to watch HD video, complete group video conference calls and play games. 

DITO Telecommunity users saw the fastest average upload speeds in the Philippines at 4.8 Mbps. 

OpenSignal’s report matched those of Ookla, another industry tracker, which reported that Smart leads on median 4G and 5G download speeds, as well as 5G availability. 

Ookla also said Globe had the most consistent service. 

DITO's entry into the Philippine telco market has effectively challenged the PLDT-Globe duopoly, according to Ookla, leading to significant improvement in services.