LOOK: Japan company unveils see-through face masks to aid the deaf

Kyodo News

Posted at Apr 28 2021 07:19 AM

LOOK: Japan company unveils see-through face masks to aid the deaf 1
Image from Unicharm website

TOKYO - Japan's largest mask maker Unicharm Corp. launched on Tuesday see-through face masks created particularly to enable better communication with deaf people during the coronavirus pandemic.

The washable masks are made of a transparent film that allows the lower face to be seen, thereby making lip-reading possible for the deaf and hard of hearing and allowing the user's facial expressions to be seen.

Unicharm said the masks were made in response to concerns by people with hearing and speech impediments who have struggled to communicate during the pandemic as typical face masks hinder their ability to read lips and see facial expressions.

The company said it has made just 3,000 of the masks, with each priced at 1,480 yen ($13.70) and only available online.

The mask's transparent film is developed, not to get fogged up by the wearer's breath.

These masks could also aid in reading facial expressions in customer service industries.

Daisuke Ochi, the executive director of the Tokyo Federation of Deaf, said such masks would be useful in daily situations, such as when asked by convenience store cashiers if they need chopsticks or a plastic bag to go with their purchases.

"When the other person is wearing a mask, you can't tell if he or she is angry or laughing, making communication difficult," said Ochi, who is deaf.


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