How to keep video conferencing safe during COVID-19 lockdown


Posted at Apr 07 2020 10:39 AM

How to keep video conferencing safe during COVID-19 lockdown 1
A man makes a video call while waiting inside a point to point (P2P) bus at the Araneta Center Bus Terminal in Cubao Quezon City on March 11, 2020. Jonathan Cellona, ABS-CBN News/File

MANILA - The Philippines on Tuesday advised its now home-based workforce to be mindful of security when using video and teleconferencing tools while on lockdown to stop the coronavirus disease pandemic.

Filipinos should observe the following when using video conferencing platforms, according to the Department of Information and Communication Technology:

• Set up meetings as private 
• Do not announce meeting IDs or number on social media or in messaging platforms
• Secure meetings with passwords or security codes for participants
• Make sure the host is notified when people join the conversation
• Inspect the list of participants periodically
• Control screen sharing and recording
• Keep cameras and microphones turned off unless needed
• Be aware of everything that is within the camera view
• Install free browser extensions that block tracking activities of applications such as 
 o Chrome’s AdBlock Plus
 o Firefox Ad Hacker
• Install firewall software from trusted security companies
• Cover webcams when not in use as some hackers have the capability to turn it on without you knowing

The US Federal Bureau of Investigations, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration as well as private firms such as SpaceX have flagged security concerns in using video conferencing tool Zoom. 

-- with a report from Warren De Guzman, ABS-CBN News