Puregold working with suppliers to ensure stocks during COVID-19 quarantine


Posted at Mar 16 2020 12:28 PM

MANILA - Puregold Price Club Inc said Monday it was working with suppliers to ensure stocks are available during the month-long Metro Manila quarantine to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Limiting purchases per customer was implemented to avoid hoarding, the grocery chain operator told the stock exchange.

"We are closely monitoring our inventories and meticulously working with our suppliers. Our goal is to always keep our stock available," Puregold said. 

The pandemic caused an "unusual surge" in customers since March 11 that resulted in "very fast selling" of essential items such as food, bread, alcohol and tissue, among others, it said.

Working long hours to cater to the masses also caused "fatigue" among personnel, it said. 

The flow of goods to and from Metro Manila will be unhampered, despite domestic land, air and sea restrictions during the Metro Manila community quarantine, the Trade department earlier said. 

The community quarantine, effective from March 14 to April 15, restricted travel as well as office and business operations. Mall operations were suspended except for groceries, pharmacies, banks and medical clinics. 

Asked by the government on what it perceived as further risks, Puregold said "the contagion of virus might start in our stores," and "our employees might be infected with the virus."