Private jet travel has its perks but the benefits of commercial flights will surprise you 2
If you can afford it, flying by private jet is a no-brainer, right? Photo: Luxurylaunches

Private jet travel has its perks but the benefits of commercial flights will surprise you

We’re already dreaming of that post-pandemic holiday to Italy, but when it comes to luxury travel, should you fly by public or private jet?
Luxurylaunches, South China Morning Post | Nov 27 2020

At one point or another, most people will have dreamt about globetrotting in a private jet. And while for some that dream is already a reality, others continue to strive to make such an ambition happen.

Even Oprah Winfrey flew by commercial jet most of her life, until the day a female fan asked her for a hug at the airport

“I stood up and I gave her a hug and then I went to the phone and called my lawyer,” she told The Hollywood Reporter, “And I said, ‘I’m going to do it, 

I’m going to get the [private] plane. This is going to be my last time waiting four hours in the Chicago O’Hare Airport.’”

We don’t all have Oprah Winfrey’s millions at our disposal, of course, but what if you’re the kind of person that actually has a choice about how to fly? A model, say, in a hurry to get to the beach in Spain; or a wealthy entrepreneur toying between a seat in first class and an entire plane to yourself to get to that business meeting? Either one is going to cost you a pretty penny, so it’s worth weighing up the pros and cons before you fly.


Here’s why you may consider a standard airline

For luxury seekers like George and Amal Clooney, there are numerous high-end cities throughout Europe to enjoy, like Florence or Istanbul. And, given their location, each is easily accessible via a standard airline or the comfort of a private jet.

However, when it comes to mishaps out of your control, for example bad weather, public travel in this case actually has an advantage. The fact that the above destinations are European ensures that prospective air passengers are entitled to compensation if a flight is delayed.

Think you’d be one of the unlucky ones unable to claim that compensation? Think again. In the last 10 years, Flightright has repeatedly helped travellers enforce their flight delay rights through EU Regulation No.261/2004 to claim EU flight delay compensation. In that time, the company has had a 98 per cent case success rate, proving travellers can have peace of mind when flying between European airports, along with the prospect of a flight delay refund.


How to claim flight delay compensation

Before one can claim for delays or cancellations, air passengers can check their case’s eligibility through Flightright’s web-based service. The calculator uses analytical tools and data to determine whether people qualify. There’s a requirement to meet numerous criteria when seeking to make a claim, including if the event took place within the last six years.

Private jet travel has its perks but the benefits of commercial flights will surprise you 3
Italian entrepreneur Chiara Ferragni living it up on a private jet. Photo: @chiaraferragni

Even better, in circumstances where a delay longer than five hours occurs, passengers are entitled to enforce their flight delay rights. Crucially, this means it’s possible to opt against taking your eventual flight altogether and instead claim a full refund. Not only that, but travellers are also well within their rights to inquire about alternate transport.


OK, and what about travelling in style?

Enjoying a luxurious break away isn’t solely determined by the method of transport you take to get there. However, for those that think they’d prefer to take a private jet, there are several practical advantages. For starters, there’s less of a wait when it comes to boarding – every traveller’s least favourite part – something that will reduce stress levels from the get go. Not only that, but as Sherpa Report points out, private aircraft passengers get to enjoy a high-end service that “luxuriously intertwines quality furnishings with open space.”

Interestingly, private jet usage has increased in recent years. As per an article in AFAR, Air Partner noted a 210 per cent increase in private transport requests. Along with the obvious quality of service that comes along with a trip on a private jet, it could be because these aircraft are also versatile, ideal for both business and leisure purposes.


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Both are advantageous in their own right

While getting from A to B is an unavoidable part of any holiday, it seems there are pros and cons to both private and public transport. If protection regarding flight delay compensation is valued above luxury furnishings, then a mainstream airline may be the way to go. However, if not, why not enjoy the wonders of a private jet?


This article originally appeared on Luxurylaunches.