The secret details of Derek Ramsay’s wedding outfit 2
On his wedding day, Derek Ramsay wore a suit by Bianca Cordero and footwear by Godfather Shoes. Photos by Team Pat Dy

The secret romantic details of Derek Ramsay’s wedding outfit—from his designer and shoemaker

The debonair actor wanted to look simply dapper on his wedding day—but he also wanted a few unique things incorporated in his outfit
RHIA GRANA | Nov 13 2021

Derek Ramsay’s go-to designer and fashion stylist, Bianca Cordero, says the actor was very specific about the look he wanted for his wedding to Ellen Adarna. It had to make him look dapper but different.

The wedding had a resort theme—perfect for the luxurious mountain resort in Bagac, Bataan where the ceremony was set. So the groom wanted something relaxed, a little less formal, yet still very elegant. He also wanted his outfit to evoke an Italian vibe.

Bianca, who’s been styling the actor for a little over a decade now, shares with ANCX that Derek messaged her about the wedding sometime in August. She knew for a fact Derek isn’t really into formal suits, so she wasn’t at all surprised about the actor’s specifications. She describes Derek’s style to be very classic, manly and elegant. “Very GQ-esque. With a European vibe.”

“[For the wedding], he wanted it less formal, hindi yung super pang wedding type. He wanted the coat to be flowy and maganda ang bagsak,” shares the fashion designer. “Gusto nya medyo presko lang.” He also wanted the fabric in beige, with a shade of light gray.


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To achieve the 44-year-old actor’s desired look, Bianca picked an Italian silk linen wool for the coat and pants. “Para medyo flowy lang, not super thick material,” she says. Since Derek preferred an unstructured look, she made a half-lined suit with unpadded shoulders.

To veer slightly away from the formal look, Bianca added patch pockets and the lapel is notched. No neck ties or bow ties.

Could you guess how many small buttons there were on Derek’s suit? The answer is 11—for his 11.11 wedding date. He wore his suit with a vintage style shirt in silk cotton, and yes, the collar was intentionally left unbuttoned.

Derek Ramsay with Bianca Cordero
Derek Ramsay with designer and stylist Bianca Cordero. Photo courtesy of Bianca Cordero

But the highlight of the whole ensemble was the high-waisted Gurkha trousers, says Bianca. “Very particular [si Derek] about the fit of the pants. Gusto niya relaxed lang and not too slim. Sa cliff kasi ang venue so medyo mahangin din sya. So that’s something na bagay with the place.”

The pants were pleated and the hems were folded. Derek was also very specific about the width of his waistband—5 ¼ inches. “We measured it when we were in a shoot,” says Bianca. The main goal was for Derek to wear a silhouette that’s not too slim or too loose, with a shaped waist and with clean lines.

As for footwear, Godfather Shoes revealed in an Instagram post that Derek wanted his shoes to look “classic but unique with subtle personal details.”

For Derek, the Marikina shoe brand made a pair of “tassel loafers in mustard colorway (mirror-finished upon groom’s request).” These details include an 11-11 stitch, showing how meaningful the numbers are for him and Ellen. He also had their names engraved on the heel of the shoes. “This also served as a simple surprise for Ellen as she didn’t know their names will be engraved on his shoes,” said the brand in its Instagram. 

Derek and Ellen looked every inch a match made in heaven that Thursday. The bride wore a white bustier gown by Marc Rancy. It’s made of pure organdy with a bias skirt crafted from a mix of tulle and silk chiffon. The gown was adorned with lace embroidery, glass beads and Swarovski crystals.


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But if you ask Bianca, more memorable than the outfits of the bride and groom, is the wedding itself which took place at sunset. It moved her to tears. The vows were heartfelt and sincere. “It’s really beautiful. Very elegant. It’s one of the most beautiful weddings I have seen,” she says. “I know that they’re really happy. Sobra. As in makikita mo talaga sa kanila.”