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Since when did Jeff Goldblum become such a style savant: an investigation

We don't know about you but we've been awaiting the 65-year old's posts on his Instagram—a source of wisdom on days we're in a quandary if we could pull off a zebra print pullover with a zebra print trouser (or would that be a bit much?)
Bam Abellon | Oct 21 2018

Jeff Goldblum has appeared in a number of Hollywood’s highest grossing films of all time: Jurassic Park(1993), Independence Day (1996), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017), and Thor: Ragnarok (2017), to name a few.

But along the way, while he was busy keeping us entertained with his deadpan sense of humor and lackadaisical stride—remember him as Scott Woolley, the slithery threat to Karen Walker's throne in Will & Grace?—Jeff Goldblum slowly made himself an unusual fashion icon, a representation, if you will, of the effortless nonconformists of the world. 

While the photos above from his Instagram showcase the style savant he is now, at 65 with a great head of salt-and-pepper hair, the photos below are proof that the signs of his future dominance in the sartorial field were always there. We may just have been distracted by his height and his dark, wavy locks.

Or he's really just that smooth.

But let's look back. While long necklaces and too-many-undone buttons should mostly be worn by Mexican telenovela stars, Jeff made the combination sexy—all while he was chased by man-made dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. 

He did not mention how old he was when he posed for the camera wearing only a pair of boxer briefs (or very tiny shorts?) and a toy gun. But that belt on that—really, what is that?—reminds us of summers in rural Italy.  

In 2015, Goldblum published his first-ever Instagram post on his account, @jeffglodblum, in front of an aircraft, wearing a casual jeans-and-blazer combination that diminished—a little bit—the gracefulness of his photobomber, Independence Day: Resurgence co-star Liam Hemsworth.

The award-winning actor’s holy triumvirate of fedora, jacket, and printed shirt must have its own trophy. Mr. Goldblum makes it so versatile, and it’s never boring. 

Take the jacket out from the triumvirate and add a microphone and jazz music, and we’ve got ourselves a modish, spectacled, Renaissance man. In case you haven’t heard, the guy is a jazz performer, too. He is releasing his debut album, The Capitol Studios Sessions, this November. 

Goldblum’s black rimmed glasses is as associated with him as James Bond’s martinis. He’ll have other accessories, but the glasses will always be an emblem. 

The character actor dazzled—literally—at GQ Magazine’s Men of the Year Awards recently when he accepted the Haig Club Icon award in a metallic shirt, topped with an equally shiny, skinny tie, and a gold lamé single-breasted suit jacket. He finished off with a pair of zebra print shoes. Dare: Name one other person in that room who could pull that off. 

And speaking of animal print, he posted in October 2018 this photo on his Instagram. He always credits his stylist, Andrew Vottero (whom he met in 2014, according to a British GQ interview, published in July 2018) when he talks about his beautifully-yet-oddly engineered fashion choices. We credit the overall appeal to his being Jeff Goldblum. 

Photographs from @jeffgoldblum on Instagram