With cool colors splashed on one petite motorbike, it’s like any of the ensembles from the big party scene from “Bagets.”

This new Vespa just reminded us of a classic 80s Pinoy youth movie—guess which one

Think popped collars, layered shirts, Chuck Taylors and an explosion of colors. 
ANCX | Sep 03 2020

After seeing the new Vespa Primavera Sean Witherspoon, we were wracking our brains trying to come up with the Pinoy movie the limited edition collab reminded us of. After a few minutes, we finally got a title: “Bagets,” the 1984 Viva Films picture that launched the careers of Aga Muhlach, Raymond Lauchengco et al. The unrivaled Maryo Delos Reyes classic about the lives and romances of five academically-challenged boys facing the  demands of growing up. 

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Perhaps the only non-period movie in Philippine cinema that successfully created a “look” for its cast, the film’s art director Butch Garcia was inspired by a Beatles image by Peter Max—possibly his work for the Yellow Submarine album—memorable for its use of a myriad of colors. “I wanted that type of coloring,” he said in this interview. “I wanted lots and lots of colors, different color pants for a different color shirt layered on another colored shirt. The kids will love it, I thought.” 

Hence, the unusual layering of fuchsia, yellow and purple in one outfit, of teal and red in another, of wearing red Chucks on your left foot and blue on the right. It was crazy but it had all the lightness and candy wrapper charm—which the kids loved. And we can say the same about the Primavera that the influential sneaker designer Sean Wotherspoon created for scooter brand Vespa. 

The fashion styling of the "Bagets" cast is memorable for its use of a myriad of colors.

With at least five cool colors splashed on one petite motorbike, it’s like any of the ensembles from the big party scene from “Bagets” (where Aga struts to MJ’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”).

It’s the same decade that’s in the heart of the new scooter. The livery of Vespa Primavera Sean Wotherspoon stands out for its explosion of 80s-style colour, showcased with a daring but suave irreverence. Yellow, red, dark green and aquamarine envelop the vehicle, embellished with white inserts. The design is completed with chrome finishes for the headlight frame, luggage rack and passenger handle, and black details such as the hand grips and silencer cover.

In pure Vespa tradition, the body is made of steel, a distinguishing mark of the Vespa right from its inception. The red foot board (in the same colour as the shock absorber), in plastic and with a blue rubber insert, stands out on the metal body. Wotherspoon has chosen a light brown ribbed velvet for the saddle. To this he has added a white finish and his distinctive logo, a real street artist's tag, placed on the front alongside the classic Vespa logo in white. A dedicated graphic customises the rear of the body, serially repeating the name 'Primavera' for an original optical perspective.

We can almost imagine the Bagets boys taking the uphill road to chilly Baguio driving the Primavera instead of a jeep (we don’t mean the pampasahero), the ride matching their outfits. It was the early 80s and the living—at least for these celluloid teens—was easy.