The glass shard from the board-shattering dunk remains lodged in the pair. Photo by Sotheby's, Handout via Reuters
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Michael Jordan’s game-worn shoes sells for PhP 29 million at auction, sets new world record

The Air Jordans the legend wore on that glass-shattering game in ‘85 shatters world record. By GIO RAMON 
GIO RAMON | Aug 15 2020

The results for Christie’s and Stadium Goods’ “Original Air” auction are in, and while they didn’t reach the highs they set for themselves, it was still a record-breaking day with a grand total of USD931,875 in sales.

Given that these are all notable game-worn and signed shoes spanning Michael Jordan’s career, there was no doubt they’d bring in big numbers. Some highlights from the sale include the prototype pair of Air Jordan 10 Baseball Cleats made for his career shift, which sold for USD8,750 and the gilded-tipped Air Jordan 7 Olympics he wore during the Dream Team’s gold medal game in 1992 brought in USD112,500.

The biggest draw in the landmark sale were the infamous Air Jordan 1 Highs worn during a 1985 exhibition match in Italy where the hard court superstar dunked so hard he shattered the backboard. The pair sold for a whopping USD615,000, or 29,948,517.31 in Philippine peso. Talk about dunking on the competition, they make all the other shoes seem cheap in comparison. The glass shard still lodged into the sole must have helped bump up the final price. 

While they were estimating the shoes would sell for USD650,000-850,000, the shoes still set a new auction price record for a pair of sneakers. The previous record was set back in May, when another pair of signed and worn 1985 Air Jordan 1s with the original “Chicago” colorway sold for USD560,000 at Sotheby’s. 

“This sale once again confirms that sneakers are cultural artifacts and deserve to be listed alongside other luxury items in the collectibles marketplace,” shared Stadium Goods’ co-founder John McPheters. And we’re inclined to agree. We can’t imagine what pair could possibly beat the new record but we’re sure they’re hidden in someone’s archive somewhere––it’s a safe bet they were also probably worn by Michael Jordan.

You can find all of the final prices from Christie’s and Stadium Goods’ “Original Air” auction here.


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