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Bohol’s Amorita Resort just upped its dining game

One of Bohol’s renowned resorts added new items to its Saffron menu.
Bam V. Abellon | Oct 14 2019

Amorita Resort, one of the luxury resorts in the island province of Bohol, has upped its game with a new menu at their Saffron Restaurant. Sitting atop a limestone cliff, Amorita overlooks Panglao Island’s cerulean water—a great match to the resort’s dining experience, not to mention a fantastic backdrop for the unlimited wine and tapas hours.

“If you’re here for vacation, you’d want island food, so we have that,” says Saffron’s Chef Francis David. “And we try to incorporate as many local ingredients as possible. We also have our own garden. The people who come here come from different parts of the world, so we want to offer something that they’ve also tried in places they’ve been, or where they’re from. The idea behind the new menu is inspired by the people we cater to, and the Island of Bohol.”

The seafood bisque has a strong shrimp flavor. It’s best for cold nights.

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Chef Francis’s culinary experience spans 12 years. He graduated from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde in Manila and worked in many restaurants here, in Finland and the United Kingdom. He says he combined local influences and international exposure in creating the Saffron menu.

For cheese lovers: a warm pot of queso fundido with chorizo.

On our visit, Chef Francis served the seafood bisque to begin our meal. Shrimp skin and shrimp head were used to make the stock, and bones and meat from different kinds of fish, like halibut and salmon, were added in to give a deeper flavor. The result was a creamy, rich, soup with a strong shrimp taste, most likely perfect for breezy beach dinners. 

He followed the soup with queso fundido: different kinds of cheese melted together with locally sourced and handmade chorizo. This was kept warm in a fondue pot, and accompanied by a few slices of crunchy, grilled bread.

The chef suggested to have this best-selling burger cooked medium rare.

One of the chef’s favorites is the burger, a good lunch treat for those who need comfort food, especially after a morning swim. Saffron’s version is ideally served medium rare. Saffron also uses chuck eye, brisket, and short plate: cuts that give the most flavor, according to Chef Francis. The beef, cooked three minutes on each side, is served on brioche. 

The nasi goreng would be a delight to those whose tastes lean toward Indonesian or Eastern cuisine. For this dish, Chef used chili, shrimp paste, garlic, lemon grass, and kaffir lime, which Saffron grows in its own garden.

The Nasi Goreng is a guest favorite and one of the resort’s comfort food.

Amorita Resort changes its menu once a year, but they have mainstays, like their grilled items and their Insta-famous mango popsicles. But the best way to end a meal is with the tablea chocolate cake with Choc Nut and Peanut Kisses—a Bohol pasalubong favorite.

This tablea chocolate cake is all kinds of Filipino: on top are pieces of Choc Nuc and Peanut Kisses, a Bohol delicacy.

The culinary experience at Amorita, which means little love, is only the flourish to its wide array of amenities and special events. The location alone is ideal: it only takes 40 minutes to get to the resort from Tagbilaran Airport. When not in their Asian modern rooms, guests can take respite by the landscaped gardens or by either one of the two infinity pools. After a long day of doing activities in the beach—kayaking, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and swimming—guests can have their luxurious massage at the resort’s Sea Tree Spa.

These popsicles are both refreshing and IG-worthy. It’s a mainstay in their menu, too.

The ocean may be best experienced through scuba diving than by recreational swimming. But just walking along the seashore, trying out the local products along the way, or hanging out at one of the stores, are more than enough ways to enjoy what Bohol’s beach has to offer.

But then again, Amorita is on a cliff. On a chilly afternoon, guests can take in all the sights and fresh air, view the sunset from a lounge bed while having a cocktail. Why would anyone want to be anywhere else?