A dramatic corner at Delgado 112, one of the oldest houses in the Scout area. Photograph by Medal Elepaño
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A restaurant so lovely we can’t believe it’s in QC

With a menu by Lemuria and Le Soufflé’s Golda Ranada, the newly opened restaurant is a place to linger and indulge.
Troy Barrios | Aug 13 2019

In the cacophony of restaurants surrounding Tomas Morato, very few hit just the right note. Delgado 112 is one of them.

Tucked away in quiet Scout Delgado (hence the name), this gem of a restaurant inhabits the bones of one of the oldest houses in the area. A rather nondescript exterior hides the charming space within, a deft combination of old and modern pieces arranged for a stylish, almost European feel. It’s casual and modern, and very inviting. You will want to wander around and inspect interesting visual elements, like the capiz windows repurposed into decorative accents, or the intriguing paintings, before choosing your table.

The entrance to Delgado 112, which serves indulgent comfort food. 

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Once seated, the real treasure is presented to you. This is the menu created by Golda Ranada, formerly chef at Lemuria and Le Soufflé. In its heyday, the original Lemuria (in Horsehoe Village) had a mystique that has yet to be replicated in Manila. Ranada brings some of this magic to Delgado, with a menu full of the classics made fun, friendly, and contemporary.

The tables are nicely spaced to give diners a semblance of intimacy.

Here’s how the evening (or lunch) can unfold.

Begin with a drink—the wine list is a short but interesting selection of Spanish vintages—then choose an appetizer or two. The Baked Brie with poached pears, walnuts, and salted caramel sauce is a delectable classic that easily sets the tone for the rest of the meal. Or have pintxos, perhaps chicken or beef morunos (Portuguese-inspired skewers) with tomato salsa and greens. Enjoy some chit-chat with your friends while you sip. Take your time.

To begin, shown here in sampler servings, one can have pintxos, perhaps chicken or beef morunos (Portuguese-inspired skewers) with tomato salsa and greens

Now you are ready for your mains, and the selection is small but pleasing. A standout is the Delgado Chicken baked with olives, capers, and prunes in white wine, and so infused with flavor it tastes like Christmas. Pair this with wine; it can take a red. A lighter dish is Gamberetti, pasta with shrimp with tomatoes, feta, and parsley cream. It’s light and fresh yet buttery; eating this will make you feel like you’re wrapped in a blanket, safe in bed. Should you want something unexpected, do try the Coconut-crusted Salmon with Baked Mushroom Risotto, an intriguing sonata of textures and unexpected flavor notes. Linger happily over these dishes before you finally work your way to dessert.

Marinated pork belly with tomato mango salsa.

Flush with pleasure, you are now primed to indulge in a little sweetness. Frozen Brazo de Mercedes is a specialty of the chef while Crema Delgado or Spanish custard is an irresistible combination of creaminess laced with the tangy notes of orange and cinnamon. Of course, you don’t have to choose just one; allow yourself to have as many as you want. No one’s judging.

Delgado Chicken baked with olives, capers, and prunes in white wine.

Because that’s what Delgado 112 is—a place to linger and indulge. It’s an atmosphere created only by experience, and you can see this in the small details, like the correct spacing between the tables that allow for intimacy, the music that plays just loud enough to set the mood without encumbering conversation, the dishes that are quite simple in concept yet executed with such deft mastery. The little things are everything.

The Frozen Brazo de Mercedes.

Drop by for a long, lingering meal. You will be comfortable, delighted and come away with pleasing memories. And isn’t that just what you want in a restaurant?


Delgado 112, 112 Scout Delgado Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City

Photographs by Medal Elepaño