Use a non-metallic spoon to avoid discoloring. Photograph by @rachelgong_ on Instagram
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4 fresh ways to enjoy caviar (and 5 tips on how to keep it in top form)

There are more inventive ways to indulge in this garnish once favored only by the aristocracy and nobility
Cyrene de la Rosa | Nov 12 2018

While the glossy little eggs are said to be best paired with champagne or iced vodka sans garnishing, here are fresh takes to enjoying caviar courtesy of Masseto Chef Tippi Tambunting, who uses farmed Osetra Malossol (a term indicating caviar of particular excellence) from France (but locally available at Bacchus Epicerie in Rockwell Power Plant Mall.)


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CAVIAR DIP. Teamed with crostinis, this unassuming dip composed of freshly whipped extra creamy crème fraiche is topped with a dollop of osetra to add just the right amount of saltiness to the slightly tangy, nutty, and rich velvety base.


DEVILED EGGS WITH CAVIAR. Pickled eggs, an old-fashioned picnic favorite, get dressed to the nines with the addition of finely chopped shallots, capers, and caviar. An elegant way to add a special occasion touch to an old standby.


BAKED SCALLOPS with CAVIAR. A hint of lemon adds just the right amount of acidity to this baked scallop dish prepared French style with butter before it's broiled to perfection, then finished with just a touch of osetra.


PIZZA WITH HOUSE-CURED SALMON AND CAVIAR. Thin crust pizza topped with a light base of crème fraiche, premium house-cured salmon, and garnished with just the right amount of caviar will make this a party favorite.


How to keep your caviar in perfect form

• Read the label for information on how to handle the caviar you purchased.

• Serve caviar very cold, preferably in a bowl that has been set in another container of ice.

• Store your caviar in the coldest area of your refrigerator (26 to 32 degrees Fahrenheit).

• Use a non-metallic spoon to prevent off coloring.

• Never cook the caviar, nor serve it with items that will overpower it.


Photographs by Aldwin Aspillera