From left: Fogonero; Maracamé; Don Fernando. Photograph by Pat Mateo
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Seven Mexican tequilas we tasted for your consideration

Taking a break from his usual tasting of fine wines, Jay Labrador samples some shots of Mexican tequila.
Jay Labrador | Jun 10 2019


Fortaleza – Lowland

Very interesting candy shop nose of bubblegum and marshmallow. Steely, minerally mouthfeel. The wood has minimal influence. Still rather peppery. Very dry. Somewhat abrupt finish. Old-school production methods include the use of a stone mill or tahona to crush the agave.

Espolón – Highland

Curious matchstick note on the nose which mutes other nuances. Lovely balance on the palate. Very smooth with sweet spice flavors dominating. Finishes with medium length.


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Don Fernando – Lowland

Caramel, pepper, earth, and wood notes on the nose. Caramel and toffee with a sprinkling of pepper and herb on the palate. Very smooth. Medium length.

Maracamé – Highland

Each bottle is adorned with a small artwork by the Huichol tribe. The Maracamé is the shaman of the Huichol. Beautiful nose of baby powder and cologne. Very complex. Cinnamon, clove, anise, and other sweet spices. Nicely integrated. Medium length.



Partida – Lowland

A rather rich and viscous blanco. Typical earthy lowland nose with the distinct pepper and herbal note of agave and a touch of talcum powder. On the palate, quite sweet. Very clean with a dry finish.

Casamigos – Highland

From the distillery owned by George Clooney, among others. Was privately distilled for Mr. Clooney and friends but, the story goes, they were giving away so many bottles they decided to go commercial last year. Quite light and very refined. Citrus and floral notes dominate. Some white chocolate. Good length.



Fogonero – Lowland

Quite peppery on the nose. Cocoa powder, cedar, and a little musky as well. Very complex on the nose. Rich and powerful. Pepper, bittersweet chocolate, caramel, and toffee on the palate. Very sweet on the finish with good length. Reminds me of a top-notch Brandy de Jerez. Outstanding.


Photographs by Pat Mateo

This story originally appeared on Vault Magazine Issue 14 No 2 2014.