Here's where you can order halo-halo and other crafty cold treats for delivery or pickup 2
From left: Photo by Chris Clemente; from Little Quiapo's FB Page
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Here's where you can order halo-halo and other crafty cold treats for delivery or pickup

All you need is a tub of ice cream, a big glass of halo halo, or even a scoop of creamy buko pandan salad from these 9 specialty purveyors with pickup and delivery available. By NANA OZAETA
ANCX | May 22 2020

Summer’s here and many of us, our kids included, are still stuck at home despite the MECQ. While there are the intermittent showers, most days remain steamy, and we hanker for something ice cold. While we can always do a quick run to the convenience store or grocery for ice cream, even better would be to indulge in some homegrown or handcrafted frozen treat—like a halo halo, or a buko pandan salad, or vegan ice cream—that can conveniently be picked up or delivered to our homes. Well, good thing we do have options. 

Auro Chocolate

While Auro has made a name for itself for its award-winning chocolates using 100% locally grown cacao, this Philippine-based chocolatier recently launched a vegan ice cream line that champions ingredients sourced from local farmers. Available flavors include chocolate (of course), Baguio strawberry, and salted caramel with nibs—all vegan and dairy free—that can be ordered via the Auro website.


Farmacy Ice Cream

An ice cream spin-off from the successful Wildflour restaurant group, Farmacy harks back to ice cream parlors and soda fountains of old, with an ever-evolving array of uber-creamy flavors (banana salted caramel, anyone?) which can be delivered to your doorstep or picked up in its BGC branch (as of now).


Kabigting’s Halo Halo

While you can find halo-halo at your neighborhood fast food chain, connoisseurs may want to venture further afield, especially if they’re craving for this Pampanga version made with creamy corn, beans, and pastillas. While Kabigting’s is on Foodpanda, to guarantee your halo-halo won’t melt on the way, a pickup from its Sta. Ana or Congressional Avenue branch in Quezon City is highly recommended.


Little Quiapo

This “little” restaurant has been around since 1949, gaining popularity and longevity for its comforting Filipino fare and halo-halo, of course. From its branches in Quezon City and Parañaque, you can order your favorite ice cold treats for pick up, and yes, even for delivery.


Manila Creamery

This much-loved local gelato brand offers innovative flavors, both Filipino and Italian, that don’t scrimp on ingredients or on freshness. Choose from mangga’t suman, cereal milk, matcha, coffee crumble, and the list goes on.


Milky Way, Cirkulo, Azuthai, and Tsukiji

While waiting to partake once again of MilkyWay’s famous halo-halo and guinumis, you can pick up 1/2 gallon tins of MilkyWay’s avocado, cheese, and ube ice creams from its Arnaiz Avenue headquarters. You can also order special ice cream flavors, namely, Milky Way Café’s panocha, Azuthai’s Thai tea and Thai coconut, Cirkulo’s banana and turrones, and Tsukiji’s green tea and red bean.



Think summer, think buko pandan salad. While it’s always something that can be made at home, why bother when Nathaniel’s makes what many consider the gold standard, thanks to its extra creaminess. Note that most of its Metro Manila and provincial branches are now open with more on the way.


Pappa Diddi’s

This local ice cream maker has made a name for itself with out-of-the-box flavor combinations that make the most of its all locally sourced ingredients, from cacao to coffee and even black rice, churned using 100% carabao’s milk. You can pick up from its SM The Block branch or order for delivery.


Sebastian’s Ice Cream

A pioneer in the local artisan ice cream movement, Sebastian’s continues to innovate with Filipino-infused flavors and products, from Dive Bars to Leche Flan Tortes, now finally available for pickup and delivery from its The Podium branch.