Fresh baby burrata cheese, Portobello mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, Balsamic vinegar, and arugula make up the Salade Burratini.
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Men-approved: four healthy dishes that every guy can enjoy

“I’m craving salad,” said no man ever. But, according to these four food personalities, clean eating can be bold, filling, and delicious, too. It’s all about fresh ingredients and looking for flavor in different places.
Gel De Rivera | May 22 2019

Look for substitutes

The Vol-au-vent aux Champignon uses wild, vitamin D-rich mushrooms to bring a hint of exotic to a puff pastry tart.

Type B Diabetes is hereditary in Marco Lobregat’s family, so he has to keep fit all the time. Apart from being active by playing baseball, going to the gym, and going on weight loss diets, the commercial model and entrepreneur turned to eating healthy as a better approach to wellness. His love for mushrooms came in after realizing its economic and nutritional potential in the country. Thus, Ministry of Mushroom, a supplier of locally farmed mushrooms, was born. Not only are they nutritious; mushrooms also elevate the gourmet appeal of any dish just like the Vol-au-vent aux Champignon and Salade Burratini offered at Caviar Restaurant and Champagne Bar in Muntinlupa, which Lobregat recommends. Here, edible mushrooms used like the shimeji and baby portabello are rich in vitamin D, as well as having anti-diabetic and anti-cancer properties. They are also a good meat substitute because of their low fat content.


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Big and balanced

Consisting of olives, steak slices, bacon, onions, sundried tomatoes, greens, and croutons, the “man salad” is a protein packed meal ideal to consume after workout.
Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff is known for his success story in losing weight, hence, his blog The Fat Kid Inside. He has maintained his shape by exercising and eating clean—particularly salads. “But, who craves salad, right?” the fitness enthusiast and writer counters, until he thought of making the ordinary appetizer into a big, balanced meal instead. Heussaff’s “man salad” is made with crunchy iceberg lettuce for greens, onions rich in antioxidants, tomato varieties, olives, and juicy steak slices. It is the chili-based, chipotle dressing that fires up the dish, helping increase one’s metabolic rate. It’s also the ideal post-workout meal for Heussaff, who does intense two to three hour-long workout sessions.


Hints of sweetness

A light yet healthy meal, the “best granola” contains ice cream made of matcha, coconut milk, and bananas, while the faux granola is thinly sliced nuts with butter. Saba is cooked in palm sugar, while the pomelo is served fresh. The milk is unsweetened, but one can use honey as an alternative sweetener.

Celebrity chef and entrepreneur Rob Pengson believes in this food philosophy: “Don’t worry about losing weight, just nourish your body. If your body’s nourished, it will transform itself into a fit and strong body.” Pengson admits being on the heavy side during his early teens. He even had to battle a binge eating cycle that did not really work out. Taking cue from his newfound philosophy, he’s now focusing more on nutritious meals filled with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and fresh ingredients, including fruits and vegetables. Pengson recently whipped up a healthy offering, which started out as a breakfast treat he had enjoyed after Crossfit sessions or playing football: a sugarless granola. The remaining hints of sweetness come from the fruit ingredients, like pomelo and saba, plus the texture and flavor of the walnuts, pecans, and almonds, all of which can lower cholesterol levels. Matcha ice cream, rich in antioxidants, also adds pleasure to the palate.

Rob Pengson


Add some bite

A healthy alternative from de Baron’s Nomama: Fresh crab and miso butter crab salad roll, enjoyed light and healthy.
Wild arugula, soy sesame dressing, and seared sushi grade tuna are highlighted in this carbsbalanced meal.
Chef Him Uy de Baron

Renowned Chef Him Uy de Baron loves a good crispy fried chicken. When it comes to cooking healthy, however, he said it’s all about nuance of textures and interesting flavors. These are evident in his tuna and soba combination. He chose soba, a Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour, which is lighter compared to other noodle types, and fresh tuna as its protein partner. Edamame and tomatoes add some bite to the dish. For energy, running enthusiast Uy de Baron recommends loading on good carbs such as congee or egg and rice paired with lean protein. He also suggests a couple of healthy Asian ingredients to add to your daily dishes, like miso and dashi that also bear unique flavor profiles.


Photographs by Ian CastaƱares

This story first appeared on Vault Magazine Issue 15 No 3 2014.