Floyd Mayweather was introduced as the new Belo endorser. Photograph by Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN
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Floyd Mayweather is in town—and, sadly, it’s not to challenge Pacquiao

The boxing champion is in the country for a couple of days to do everything from playing beach volleyball in Boracay to making two, surprising, endorsements. It’s all a little surreal, but hey that’s how Money rolls.
Bam Abellon | Apr 05 2019

Floyd “Money” Mayweather is a man of many layers—layers that are thicker than the two-piece multi-colored tuxedo he wore during one of his press commitments in his recent visit to the Philippines. FYI: The pound for pound boxer surprised the Philippines when he had announced his visit a day before his arrival in the country on March 31. He made his way here on-board his private jet Air Mayweather, of course. This is his second time in the Philippines; the first time was in 2018, when he roamed the streets of Manila in a Lamborghini, accompanied by Hummers and a Rolls Royce Phantom.

This kind of over-the-top, at-his-own-bidding is the kind of entrance and atmosphere Mayweather lives for. He isn’t nicknamed “Money” for nothing. And speaking of money, the unbeaten boxer revealed at the same press commitment that he came to the Philippines for a little bit of vanity side trip, this time for celebrity doctor Victoria “Vicki” Belo.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. arrives at New World Hotel in Makati City for a photo shoot with the Belo Medical Group. Mark Demayo, ABS-CBN News


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Odd? Yes. Surprising? Not anymore. These days—in an era of selfies, HD cameras, the fatless Hemsworth brothers—anyone who has extra moolah can pay to look better, to look ageless like, say, Downey or Clooney. And Mayweather has money, having won all 50 fights of his career.  

So, here’s what happened, according to the retired boxer. He was in Maldives and Dubai when he wanted to get a facial. Because when you’ve retired from getting punched, you’d want to have plumped and moisturized skin for those endorsement deals and other business meetings. His assistant, Marikit Laurico, a Filipina, suggested that they go see Belo in Manila.

They were supposed to just go on vacation in Boracay, but self-care was of utmost importance. (Not before exploring the white-sand beach, playing volleyball with his pilots, shooting some hoops, and slaying a social media savvy pose, of course.)

Anyway, so they went to Belo for a consultation. And as seen on a video posted on her Instagram account, Mayweather told the doctor, “I don’t wanna look younger…I wanna look fresh.” Later in the presscon, for less than 10 minutes, the celebrity doctor and the champion talked about the former’s latest technology—which had arrived only three days prior to the event. The machine, Belo said, will make skin tighter and produce new collagen. Mayweather looked completely satisfied, and well, okay, fresh.

Mayweather gets Belofied. Photo from @belobeauty on Instagram

“It was something different,” he said of the experience. “I got shocked a couple of times. But I’d do it again.” Cristalle Belo, the managing director of the Belo Medical Group, hosted the event. The press didn’t have time to ask questions. There was a photo shoot, too, after. It was supposed to be a precedent to another press conference, where the press waited for more than eight hours for the the boxer, only to be told later on that “Money” wasn’t coming. Safe to say, Mayweather wasn’t the only one who was “shocked” that night.  


No Mayweather-Pacquiao Rematch For Now

Earlier on Thursday, Mayweather finally made an appearance at another press conference for a product he has partnered with, the multi-level platform, Frontrow. The boxer first joined the company, number one in the health and wellness category in Asia, last year. To him, this partnership has a philanthropic slant to it. “Every life counts. We spoke about it before when I first came to the Philippines,” he says. “It’s about giving back. Frontrow has made a lot of money, but they also gave back to charities.”

Mayweather with Frontrow President Raymond Francisco and CEO Samuel Verzosa
Mayweather on his partnership with multi-level platform, Frontrow: “It’s about giving back. Frontrow has made a lot of money, but they also gave back to charities.”

During his recent visit, he entertained questions from the press.

He’s not going back to boxing anytime soon, he told his audience a couple of times. It’s a sad announcement for boxing fans, but a great move for his family. He said, “It’s about giving back to family also. That’s my focus as of right now. I will always be involved with boxing to give back to young fighters.” He proudly revealed that his oldest son and youngest daughter are currently working on their music, while his youngest son is in college and studying to become an entrepreneur.

Scarlet Snow meets Mayweather. Photo from @scarletsnowbelo on Instagram

And about that rematch with another pound-for-pound champion, Senator Manny Pacquiao, that’s also not happening anytime soon. Mayweather and Pacquiao had a much-anticipated match in 2015, with the former winning by a unanimous decision.

“Manny Pacquiao is a hell of a fighter,” Mayweather said. “We had a great fight. And we both had great careers. We move on and do other things in life. I’m an entrepreneur. I don’t just box inside the ring.”

He reiterated, “I had a fun time while I was fighting, great time. But you know, I do so many other things. I’m a chameleon.”