Jimuel Pacquiao’s first car is a Corvette Stingray — and here’s how much you need to get one 2
Art by Chris Clemente

Jimuel Pacquiao’s first car is a Corvette Stingray — and here’s how much you need to get one

“Okay for a first car,” quips Pacman’s son Emmanuel Jr. about his Chevrolet Corvette Stingray — which he test-drove recently.
VR Castañeda | Sep 17 2019

Its sex appeal is undeniable, inspiring a devotion in tweens and car aficionados; inspiring Prince to sing about it (“Little red Corvette/Baby, you’re much too fast”); and stirring billionaire sports stars slash senators to gift their son with a spanking new one. Some gearheads insist Pixar’s Lightning McQueen isn’t even a NASCAR stock car at all, but a Corvette C6. There really must be something about the Corvette. Few cars can boast of such significance.

Make no mistake about it, the Corvette exists in a hallowed automotive space as one of those cars that absolutely everyone knows. After all, as children playing with Matchbox cars, we learn the name Corvette the same time we learn about Porsche and Ferrari. Our Corvette love story begins at a tender age and goes deep. And now, with the Corvette Stingray available in the Philippines, it’s possible to consummate that love for P8.546 million.

With a pricetag like that, you have to ask, “Who is this car for?” Is it for an 18-year old like Manny Pacquiao’s Emmanuel Jr. more popularly known as Jimuel, who appeared in a YouTube channel video feature recently test-driving the car, his first. 

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For that much moolah, you could go for some Teutonic precision and get an Audi RS-5. Or you could go Japanese and get another legend like the Nissan GT-R and still have a cool million left for gas money. But this much is certain: The Corvette Stingray is more than just a sexy car.

The Corvette is the quintessential American sports car — and that’s saying a lot. It signifies freedom on the open road in a convertible, with rock n’ roll blaring from the stereo. It’s flexing all that American muscle under the hood in a drag race on the half-mile. It’s a work of art: a Fender Stratocaster, but with wheels. The seventh generation Corvette Stingray, called the C7, is all that and more. The spirit of the Corvette is strong here, but the C7 has been updated to be a thoroughly modern beast

The Corvette Stingray’s engine —a 6.2-liter V8 — produces 460 horses and 630Nm of torque. That’s the automotive equivalent of the combined muscles of John Cena and The Rock, but with the looks of Lana del Rey. It propels the Corvette Stingray to 100kmh in 4.1 seconds (or if you speak American, that’s 60mph in just 3.7 seconds).

In case you’re wondering, the ultra-luxurious 3LT version is what’s available in the Philippines. It comes with Napa leather seating surfaces, a custom leather-wrapped interior package (with lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber trim), and a premium Bose sound system. Brembo brakes come standard as well as Available Magnetic Selective Ride Control that “reads the road every millisecond” and makes adjustments in under 15 milliseconds.

All in all, it’s a compelling package for anyone with millions sitting idly in the bank, waiting to be spent. But at the end of the day, the Corvette Stingray offers drivers the American dream. And it is this love affair with that dream — and the Stingray’s undeniable, curvaceous, sensual appeal — that sets its apart from the pack. Does Jimuel Pacquiao have the same dream? Does it matter? For Manny’s 18-year old at least, one dream has come true.