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The world’s No. 1 Forex Trading school celebrates its 3rd year of excellence in the PH

More Filipinos are learning to sharpen their trading skills to achieve financial success.
Frances Sales | Nov 08 2019

If trading currencies is the career you want to get into, here’s good news for you. LTT Smartchart Consulting Inc. also known as Learn to Trade, the world’s leading FOREX educational institution, is expanding fast in the Philippines, driven by its mission to “hold workshops that provide people with strategies they need to achieve financial literacy and start living their dreams.”

What this means is investing just a few hours of your time to attend a free Learn to Trade Workshop and be part of the 300,000 graduates worldwide who have gone on to successful Forex careers. “I want to thank Learn to Trade for offering this course to a newbie like me, for it opened my eyes for a bigger opportunity to earn,” says Amabel, one of their graduates.

In just three years in the Philippines, Learn to Trade has helped thousands of Filipinos to not just learn and sharpen their trading skills, but to also avoid being swept away by the emotional highs and lows of the continually shifting open market. Marion, a Filipino taking her Masters in Economics, says, “I started trading because this is what I want to do full time. My best trade to date has been EUR/USD. It felt awesome because, even though I was a beginner, I got my 2% for October! It was a great feeling!”

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Each course trains its students in new strategies in trading and the analytical tools needed for their unprecedented success. The students also learn expert tips on how to avoid getting scammed so that the time and money they invest will only prosper and not go to waste. Whether you are a novice or have been trading currencies for years, a Learn to Trade Workshop is definitely an investment.

Learn to Trade brings to the Philippines 16 years of industry experience in Forex education. In 2003, Greg Secker started the consulting company after a few exciting years as a successful trader. He was just 27 years old when he retired as the Vice-President of Mellon Financial, a world-renowned Wall Street investment bank. Secker realized he wanted to help other people be just as financially free. Sharing his secrets through workshops and courses that educate people in trading in the Forex market and supporting fellow traders with coaching and partner programs was his ultimate goal.

Learn to Trade has offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, and the Philippines. This December, it will be expanding its operations to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. Its integrity as a learning institution is boosted by its many awards. It was even voted “Best Global FX Educator” for 6 years in a row. Its success ultimately means more and more people are empowered to take control of their time and finances. This makes Learn to Trade work even harder to widen its reach.

In the Philippines, Learn to Trade just celebrated three years of operations. On August 11, 2019, the company threw a spectacular anniversary dinner party at the Dusit Thani Makati. Outstanding employees were recognized with awards for their accomplishments in their respective departments. Learn to Trade Philippines President, Rosario Sanico, lauded their commitment and passion to push the company and the country #OnwardsToGreatness. Then a toast was given to the network of clients that had pushed Learn to Trade to success.

Learn to Trade has recently launched their second headquarters in Davao to cater to their clients in the Mindanao region. The company will also soon open the doors of its third office located in Cebu City. They regularly hold FREE workshops throughout the Philippines—from Luzon and Visayas and to Mindanao—to raise Filipinos’ awareness in the Forex Market and Forex Trading. In the three years Learn to Trade has operated in the country, thousands of Filipinos have attended their workshops and come away hopeful with the prospect of financial literacy. CEO Greg Secker will be flying into the Philippines to hold seminars at Shangri-la at the Fort on November 20, and at the SMX Convention Centre Davao on November 23.

Secker is especially committed to helping Filipinos. After super typhoon Yolanda swept through the Philippines in November 2013, he witnessed millions of Filipinos profoundly affected by the tragedy. One of those who were gravely affected of the tragedy were the people who Lemery, Iloilo, who lost their homes and their livelihoods to the typhoon. Determined to help, he put up the Greg Secker Foundation Philippines, to build not only homes but also create a sustainable community in Lemery.

The Greg Secker Foundation Philippines is the local arm of the Greg Secker Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to improve the quality of lives of people around the world. The Foundation focuses on education, life skills, and leadership initiatives as the key to sustainable success. They strive to equip communities with the essential tools for success and to enable people to reach their full potential. When there is integrity in all of these aspects, lives are transformed. The quality of life is not only improved, but it is also sustained in the family and ultimately in the community.

This is a mission shared by Secker’s Forex education consulting company. Through financial literacy, Learn to Trade can be your path to sustained success. Paul signed up for a course when Learn to Trade started in the Philippines three years ago. He says, “My experience with Learn to Trade has been so amazing! They have provided me with all the necessary education and tools available in making money, turning me into a very profitable and professional trader. And they’re the best in the world.”


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