Over 200 Filipino students' lives have already changed after scoring an IS Manila Philippine Scholarship. Photo from Internatonal School Manila's Facebook account
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The International School Manila is looking for a new batch of scholars

The program is known to be a springboard to winning full scholarships to the world’s top colleges and universities  
ANCX Staff | Oct 11 2020

The International School Manila scholarship was launched in 1960. It continues today as part of the school’s aim to provide the highest possible standards of education and prepare children for colleges or universities throughout the world. 

“My scholarship was life-changing. It opened so many doors for me, both academically and socially,” shares Monica Toriello who now works as an editor in New York City. After graduating from IS Manila, Toriello took up Bachelor of Arts at Columbia University. 

Her years at ISM gave her a host of treasured memories, and “equipped me with both the know-how and the confidence to pursue opportunities that I might not otherwise have had.” 

Meanwhile, Romnick Blanco, who graduated from ISM in 2017, was ISM’s first farmer’s child scholar in its 92-year history when he was accepted in 2012. “My making it to Harvard is really ISM's award,” he says. He credits ISM for providing him the “necessary holistic support to help me thrive.”

Then there’s Oly Fernando from Batch 2004 who says attending ISM was “an incredibly transformational experience,” no small thanks to the rigorous curriculum, extensive selection of after-school activities, and how it nurtures a global community. After her stint at ISM, Fernando received a full scholarship to Wellesley College and took up her MBA at the University of California– Berkeley. She now works at Facebook Singapore’s Product Marketing department.

Toriello, Blanco and Fernando are only three of over 200 Filipino students whose lives changed after scoring an IS Manila Philippine Scholarship. Many of them have been winning full scholarships to the world’s top colleges and universities both here and abroad.

This opportunity is once more open to Filipino citizens for the school year 2021-2022. To qualify, candidates need to be 13 years of age on or before September 1, 2021 and have completed Grade 7. They must also have demonstrated high academic achievements (no grade lower than 85% or its equivalent in any subject).

The need-based scholarships will include fees such as tuition fee, matriculation fee, and book rental. A participation fee may be required from the parents to cover a portion of the school fees. The scholarships may be enjoyed for five years provided the awardees maintain the appropriate scholastic level and abide by the school rules and regulations set by the Philippine Scholarship Committee.

Deadline for submission of application is on January 7, 2021.

For more information on qualifications and requirements, contact the Middle School Guidance Office at 8840.8555 / 8840.8550 / 8840.8553 or visit