Gulfstream has been designing, developing, and manufacturing business jet aircrafts since 1958.
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A closer look at a Gulfstream, or what President Duterte might soon be flying in

Next year, the President will be added to a short list of names, which includes Tom Cruise, Madonna, and Scottie Pippen, who own an aircraft from the prestigious company. A G280 was ordered by the government for senior leaders in case of emergency situations.  
ANCX | Oct 08 2019

News broke out yesterday that the government bought an American-built jet estimated at PHP 2 billion, set for delivery next year. The Gulfstream G280 was purchased for the use of senior leaders such as the Defense Secretary, the Armed Forces Chief, and the President.

The G280, which is one of the brand's lower tier aircrafts, will be used for crisis situations. “It has a capability better than the ordinary. It requires a short runway,” says Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo, pointing out that the plane was not requested by President Duterte and was negotiated by Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana with the United States government and Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.


Power plane

The Gulfstream Aerospace brand is practically synonymous with business jets since it produced its first marketable business aircraft in 1957. Though its first product, the Gulfstream I, was turboprop-driven, its success led to the development of the turbojet-powered Gulfstream II. It set the bar for many others that followed.

More than one-quarter of Fortune 500 companies operate Gulfstream aircrafts. The G-V, one of Gulfstream's most successful crafts, was reportedly the favored ride of of the late Steve Jobs and golfer Greg Norman. Its reputation as the fastest form of ultra luxury business travel transcends its own target market, and is frequently mentioned in pop culture, television, and music.

Seating for 18 can be customized with fully reclining seats and stowable tables.

Seven years ago Gulfstream launched its new flagship offering, the G650. It is its first "clean sheet" product since the G-II laid the foundation for the models to come. To create this entirely new craft, Gulfstream engineers paid particular attention to the cabin environment. It provides comfortable accommodations for up to 18 people, with a cabin height is six feet three inches.

Buyers can configure the G650 to meet their requirements, choosing from 12 floor plans. The cabin can be configured with a four-place conference table with two additional seats across the aisle for meals or meetings for up to six people. Other plans feature wider seats, more aisle room, and a large stateroom option for resting up between world capitals. Every configuration has 28-inch wide windows, the largest in any civil aircraft.

Another floor plan includes a divan that turns into a bed and stowable LCD TV.

With powerful Rolls-Royce BR725 engines, the craft also puts more cities within reach. It's capable of nonstop legs of 7,000 nautical miles (12,964 km). That means it will link Manila with Los Angeles, Dubai with New York, and London with Buenos Aires. It flies higher than most commercial liners and can nearly break the sound barrier with a top speed of 0.925 Mach (1133 km/h). As mentioned earlier, the craft can also take off and land in some of the smallest and most remote runways, thanks to its short takeoff distances and landing requirements.

Pilots on a 12-hour flight will have little need to worry with the plane's fly-by-wire system and dual hydraulic backup controls. Even at night or in inclement weather, the advanced vision system combines its Enhanced Vision System (EVS II) with synthetic 3D renderings (Synthetic Vision-Primary Flight Display) to give the pilot military-grade visual assistance. New standard systems like the Automatic Emergency Descent Mode bring the plane to lower altitudes if it were to lose cabin pressure. - with report from Inigo Roces

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The G650 has some of the largest windows among all civil aircrafts. 

The fully-equipped on-board kitchen. 

The lavatory includes a floor-to-ceiling closet and mirrored vanity with storage. 

An application allows remote control of amenities from an iPhone. 

Seats include controls for reclining, heating, and getting a massage. 

LCD screens give pilots detailed and customized views, and enhanced vision during inclement weather.



The famous who own a Gulfstream

Nicholas Cage, G-III
Jim Carrey, G-V
Tom Cruise, G-IV
Donna Karan, G-IV
David Letterman, G-V
Madonna, G-V
George Michael, G-V
Demi Moore, G-III
Mike Myers, G450
Greg Norman, G-V
Scottie Pippen, G550
Howard Stern, G450

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