Wanji and Sho-er, both over 80 years old, own the laundry store Wansho in Taiwan. Photos courtesy of Reef of @wantshowasyoung

This groovy couple in their 80s is Instagram’s latest sensation, thanks to their loving grandson

He tells ANCX he just wanted to rescue his Taiwanese lolo and lola from boredom. But now his grandparents and their laundry shop have 75,000 followers on Instagram. By JEROME GOMEZ 
ANCX | Jul 22 2020

We live for groovy seniors. Especially in these depressing times, their we-give-zero-f@&ks attitude inspires us to take a chill pill once in a while and look at the bright side. Which is exactly what we saw the moment we came across the Want Show As Young account on our feed, as featured by local vintage clothing purveyor @gloriousdias. 

@wantshowasyoung features a couple of hip and snazzy seniors in a laundry shop, posing for pictures with smiles as wide as the one we flashed when we found out the liquor ban has been lifted in our area. One photo shows them wearing roomy suits with Chuck Taylors. Another one shows them in track suit jackets and bucket hats. Still another shot has them wearing fanny packs across their chests—very trendy—along with cute patterned tops. 

Wearing very of-the-moment looks assembled from abandoned clothing. Photos courtesy of Reef of @wantshowasyoung

“A very cute loving couple married for more than 60 years” is how their grandson Reef describes them to ANCX. It turns out Reef is behind the IG account, and Wanji and Sho-er, the lolo and lola, both over 80 years old, own the laundry store called Wansho, the setting of their shoots. “The name of the shop comes from the old couple’s Chinese name combination,” Reef shares. 

The Taiwan laundry shop has been around for 70 years now. “Since my grandfather was 14 years old,” says Reef. One day, Reef saw a lot of the clothes left unretrieved by customers, and noticed that his grandparents were often not in the best of moods. They were “bored everyday,” the grandson says. “They [felt] old and didn’t want to go out. I couldn’t bear it. So I wanna do something for them.” 

That something was to make the couple wear the abandoned clothes in the shop, with a little styling help from Reef’s friends. It turns out Wanji and Sho-er were just waiting for their engines to get restarted. “The two of them were very fashionable when they were young so they would have opinions,” says Reef, clearly amused. He told them the pictures will show people that A) being old should not stop anyone from having fun with fashion, and B) old clothes can be assembled to make a trendy outfit. 

Celebrating 50 thousand fans last July 21. Photos courtesy of Reef of @wantshowasyoung

In less than a month, Wanji and Sho-er have amassed a great deal of fans on Instagram. A week ago when they only had 10,000 followers, the couple couldn’t picture what “followers” meant, and so yesterday, when the account logged in a whopping 50,000 followers, Reef explained to them that it’s like a newspaper having subscribers. “I told them that 50,000 people have subscribed to their newspaper today,” wrote Reef on yesterday’s caption, “and there are more than 14,500 people who are from other countries.” 

“Do they understand if I speak Taiwanese?” asked Wanji, worried. 

Of course, today is a different day altogether. @wantshowasyoung has just breached the 75k mark, and Reef couldn't be happier. It looks like we aren’t the only ones living for groovy seniors, after all.