Flights to and from GCQ hubs, on the other hand, are allowed, but the carrier is still working on these routes. Photograph from ABS-CBN News
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While flights to and from Manila and Cebu are cancelled, Davao might open soon

The national carrier recently announced the flights affected by MECQ restrictions, and shared their plans for June 1 onward.
ANCX | May 19 2020

In a recently released statement, Philippine Airlines (PAL) confirmed that all domestic and international flights to and from their Manila, Cebu, and Clark hubs will remain cancelled until May 31, 2020. This is due to the restrictions defined by the government of the modified enhanced community quarantine that NCR, Cebu, and Laguna are all currently under.

While these flights are cancelled, the tickets remain valid. Holders of these tickets will then have three options: (1) rebook or reroute the ticket without any additional fee; (2) convert the ticket to a travel voucher; or (3) refund the ticket without penalties.

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The national carrier is also working on opening a few domestic routes, particularly those that connect from their Davao hub. This might include Davao-Iloilo, Davao-Siargao, and Davao-General Santos. Only commercial flights that fly to and from hubs that are under general community quarantine are allowed. Depending on COVID conditions and restrictions, the airline plans to operate a reduced number of flights on most domestic destinations and select inernational routes by June 1, 2020.

Below is the statement in full:

We confirm that all Philippine Airlines domestic and international  flights to and from our hubs in Manila, Cebu, and Clark will remain cancelled up to May 31, 2020. 

Depending on COVID conditions, PAL will operate limited routes and flights starting June 1.

We are working on plans to operate a few domestic routes from our Davao hub, possibly to Iloilo, Siargao, and General Santos, to help support the economic recovery of Mindanao with the easing of quarantine restrictions there. We are coordinating with concerned government authorities and will announce flight details once finalized.

The continued pause in our Manila, Cebu, and Clark hub operations is in compliance with the Philippine Government’s declaration of the Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine and related local restrictions for the period from May 16 to 31. We are in the process of notifying affected passengers by e-mail (many of you may have already received a notification by now).

If you are booked on a cancelled flight, your current ticket remains valid. For your options, please click here.

For June 1 onward:

We plan to operate a reduced number of weekly flights on most domestic routes and on selected international routes by June 1 2020, but this will depend on COVID-19 conditions:  community quarantine restrictions, travel bans imposed by various governments and their impact on passenger demand, and above all on the public health and safety situation in each of the countries that PAL serves.

We will announce the list of operating flights and routes for June 2020, once the details are finalized.

During flights, PAL cabin crew will wear protective gear.

Kindly check our website, or follow our social media accounts, so that you'll be updated the moment we release advisories on new developments.

PAL will continue to operate occasional special flights to repatriate stranded passengers and to transport urgent cargo such as medical equipment and supplies to help sustain critical supply chains across the Philippines and on selected international routes.

Thank you for your kind cooperation. Rest assured that your health and safety is always our first and most important concern.