Why the groom wore pink: Behind Luis Manzano’s style decisions on his big day 2
Luis Manzano wore an old rose suit in Gucci silk fabric designed by Paulo Lazaro. Photo from@senorita_jessy on Instagram

Why the groom wore pink: Behind Luis Manzano’s style decisions on his big day

We ask the actor’s long-time stylist Rex Atienza to fill us in on the wedding details
ANCX Staff | Apr 06 2021

The world isn’t as it was before. Usher wears pearls, Harry Styles sports blouses, and as per the latest from The Guardian men’s skirts are all the rage this pandemic. And if you have a very of-the-moment stylist like Rex Atienza, you won’t be wearing just about any barong or suit to your wedding. You’ll wear pink. 

For those living under a rock the past few days, one of the most successful TV hosts and endorsers in the country, Luis Manzano, tied the knot with the luminous Jessy Mendiola in a very intimate, very hush-hush, civil ceremony at The Farm in Batangas last February. The news and pictures were only shared to the world last weekend. The bride wore a very delicate white dress, and yes the groom wore pink. Or old rose, to be more specific. 

It’s not too common to see a groom in a pink suit, but Luis apparently trusts his long-time stylist enough to know what looks good on him and what he can pull off. “Lately we’ve been exploring with different styles, including color. Part of his evolving image as a host and as an endorser to many brands, we make sure he is keeping up with the times,” Rex shares of his friend and client’s evolving style.

As in most cases, the bride was on top of the wedding preparations. She decided on the color palette for the ceremony. “We suggested colors that would complement with The Farm, which is mostly green and brown,” says Rex, “and we eventually decided on the beige and pink theme for Luis.” The guests’ color motifs are dusty rose and burgundy. The couple opted not to have an entourage to lessen the number of people at the event.

The groom was his usual friendly and perky self, says Rex who’s been styling Luis for a decade. If the guy was nervous, there was no way to tell. That his glam team was in the premises the night before the wedding didn’t hurt. Peps Silvestre took care of Luis’s grooming. 

Why the groom wore pink: Behind Luis Manzano’s style decisions on his big day 3
It was Jessy who decided on the color palette as per suggestion of stylist Rex Atienza.  “We suggested colors that would complement with The Farm, which is mostly green and brown,” says Rex. Photo from @senorita_jessy on Instagram

It was Rex, along with his partner Jay Sarmiento, who requested designer Paulo Lazaro, their go-to designer for suits, to make a pink three-piece suit for Luis. It was in Gucci silk, and had a tie and pocket square in beige. His shoes, in burgundy, was Paul Smith.

“I thought of an outfit that would be perfect for the venue and time of the ceremony,” says Rex. The exchange of vows happened around 4 in the afternoon, with the bucolic backdrop of mountains and fields. “The weather and the sky were both perfect; it wasn’t too hot,” Rex remembers.

In a PEP interview, the bride said the decision to marry in February wasn’t part of the original plan. But adjustments had to be made because of the pandemic. “Biglaan lang ang civil wedding because, honestly, nothing is certain,” Luis shares in the same interview.

Instead of holding the big wedding in June, the couple is moving it to December, so Jessy’s family, who’s based abroad, can be part of the celebration. December also happens to be Jessy’s birthday month.

The couple only had almost three weeks to prepare for the wedding. To make everything smooth and hassle-free, they hired the able hands of a wedding organizer/coordinator, their friend Joanne Angeles. 

There were only a handful of guests—mostly family and really close friends of the couple. Luis’ parents were both in attendance, Edu Manzano and Lipa City rep Vilma Santos. The groom’s stepfather, the Senator Ralph Recto, and brother, Ryan Recto were also present. Jessy’s mother joined the affair via a video call.

Why the groom wore pink: Behind Luis Manzano’s style decisions on his big day 4
Luis trusts Rex with his styling. “Lately we’ve been exploring with different styles, including color," he says. Photo from @senorita_jessy on Instagram

“The wedding was very romantic,” says Rex. The ceremony, which was officiated by Lipa City mayor Eric B. Africa, took a mere 20 minutes.

Everyone was wearing a mask except for the bride and groom. “Ate Vi was wearing a mask, too, so hindi namin alam kung umiyak ba. But after the ceremony, Luis asked, ‘Ma, umiyak ka ba?’ Sabi nya, ‘Kaya nga di ko tinatanggal [and mask ko e].’ Major iyak daw sya,’” recalls Rex.

Observing strict protocols, the couple opted not to have a wedding reception. “After the wedding, kanya-kanya na ng uwi. Very strict sila,” says Rex.

In another interview with PEP, the beach-loving couple revealed they are planning to hold their full wedding in Palawan in December. It’s still going to be intimate, but this time around with the family of Jessy present.