How to really work from home (and not just watch Netflix all day) 2

How to really work from home (and not just watch Netflix all day)

Unsolicited tips from a freelancer. BY SUNSHINE SELGA FUNA
| Mar 17 2020

With the community quarantine in effect as a means to slow down the spread of COVID-19, some of us are privileged to be able to work from home. It sounds like an ideal setup, but for those used to an office routine, it can be pretty disorienting. Here are a few tips and tricks to stay productive.


1. Establish a routine

Set a schedule of how you want to go about your day, and stick to it. Write it down as a visual reminder. This is the first thing I did when I went full-time freelance (otherwise, I'd just be sleeping all day). 

Here's how my daily sched looks like: 9AM simple workout/yoga then work > 12NN lunch and Netflix > 1PM back to work > 3PM household chores (or workout/yoga if I forget to do this in the morning) > 4PM back to work > 6PM done for the day

How to really work from home (and not just watch Netflix all day) 3

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2. Designate a home office

If you have no home office, choose a spot in your place that's relatively quiet. Keep that space tidy to encourage productivity. Avoid working on your bed as that might disrupt your sleeping habits. (You don't want work stress to get in the way of rest.) 

How to really work from home (and not just watch Netflix all day) 4

3. Take breaks as you would when you're in the office so you don't get burned out.

Respect those break times, meaning, no checking your email unless it's urgent. (Refer to tip no. 1 for breaktime ideas.)


4. Set a limit

It may be hard to turn off work when there's no bundy clock, especially when it's a busy day. Set boundaries by logging off at a specific time, unless there's a pressing matter you have to do overtime work for. 


5. Observe self-care

Messy hair and donning PJs all day may seem like an ideal WFH scenario, but let's admit it: it's kinda gross. Working from home isn't an excuse to be a slob. Dress up a little or, for the ladies, put on some barely-there makeup if that would set the mood to work. Good hygiene is unquestionably important especially these days, so don't forget to take a bath. 

To help set the mood for a productive day, here are my go-to Spotify playlists.


For when I need to concentrate: 

Office Acoustic by Tone Tree Music

Lo Fi | Hip Hop/Chillhop by fmjsp91

Lo-Fi Cafe by Spotify

Deep Focus by Spotify

Late Night Jazz by Spotify


For when I do mechanical tasks:

Your Favorite Coffeehouse by Spotify

TERRACE HOUSE Tokyo 2019-2020 by Spotify

The Umbrella Academy by Netflix

Suits OST by Karim Hamia

Stay home, be productive, and stay safe and healthy. Let's all do our part to keep this virus from spreading. 


Images courtesy of the author, originally created and published in her Instagram Stories @shine_funa