Aerial view of Danao City, Cebu. Photo by George Parrilla on Wikimedia Commons

The PH posts close to 2000 new cases and 52 new deaths; DOH reports UK variant in Cebu

The world continues to see a steady decline in cases but fatality rates from the high cases in the past two months are now being accounted for
BENJAMIN CO, MD | Feb 06 2021

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Summary for the day

With the Health Agency announcing the presence of the UK variant B1.1.7 in Cebu Province, there is a need to determine if the increasing cases are most likely due to this variant circulating in the community. Remember, in December 2020, Cebu averaged less than 20 cases daily. 

The rapid rise in total number of daily cases may not be attributable to increased testing capacity and contact tracing alone because the positivity rate in the province as well as the reproduction number is up. There is a driver for the increase in cases.

With the documentation of the presence of the variant in some areas of the country, it would be prudent that Mega Manila instill more stringent measures on contact tracing and appropriate reporting of cases in the various local government units in the NCR. An unusual rise in the number of cases in a community will warrant deeper investigation. As NCR is the 15th most dense city in the world and the densest in the Philippines, having the variant circulate in Mega Manila may overwhelm not only the healthcare system but impact on the economic activities of the country’s financial capital.

Meanwhile, the world continues its steady 7-day decline in number of new cases/day, but with increase in deaths being reported, the global case fatality rate is up at 2.18 percent.

The increase in number of cases for deaths is not unusual as (a) deaths are reported late and (b) deaths do not occur together with the new cases because of the natural course of coronavirus—patients who are critically ill can take up to 2 to 4 weeks to progress to fatality.

The DOH reports close to 2,000 new cases and 52 new deaths today.

In yesterday’s tally, the NCR led the haul with 511 new cases of the 1,894 reported for the day. The province of Cebu continued to lead among provinces with Cebu City contributing less than 50 percent of the cases for the day.

For a granular breakdown of today’s cases, kindly refer to tomorrow’s report as the DOH no longer posts the top five areas with most cases in their 4PM data drop.

The Philippines (February 05, 2021)

  • Of the 1,894 new cases yesterday, NCR grabbed the lead back with 511 new cases or 27 percent of the total share. The highest contribution of the NCR so far, in the past two weeks.
  • Seven regions continued to report triple digits. Aside from NCR, they were: Central Visayas, Western Visayas, CALABARZON, Cordillera Administrative Region, Cagayan Valley and Central Luzon. These regions accounted for 77.2 percent of the total new cases yesterday.
  • Quezon City, the city of Manila, Pasig and Makati drew more than 50 cases each yesterday pushing eleven of seventeen cities in the NCR to the top 20 cities/municipalities with most cases.
  • On a provincial level, the province of Cebu continued to lead with 229 new cases. The province accounted for 87.1 percent of the total cases for Region VII, with Cebu City contributing 44 percent (101) of the total cases for the province of Cebu. Cebu City was also the only city that reported triple digits in the country yesterday.
  • The province of Iloilo was the other province that reported triple digits with 140 new cases.

February 05 , 2021 (The World)

  • A total of 523,201 new deaths were reported globally, and the total coronavirus cases in the world is now close to 106 million. The 7-day global average is down to less than half a million cases at 475,940/day.
  • The story for global new deaths on the other hand is different. With 16,268 new deaths, the 7-day average is up at 13,276/day and a global case fatality rate up from 2.177 percent to 2.18 percent.
  • While seeing new cases around 120,000/day, fatalities in the US have remained above 3,500 daily, pushing its case fatality rate of 1.71 to 1.72 percent.