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VIDEO: From Olongapo to iconhood, the life and times of Pepe Smith

In this rare video profile of the musician Joey “Pepe” Smith, containing many unseen photographs from the rock star himself, the legend speaks about his life and career, while friends and family talk about his impact and influence.
ANCX | Jan 30 2019

In 1999, the profile show Pipol hosted by Ces Drilon featured the life and times of Joey “Pepe” Smith, chronicling his beginnings as a child of a US serviceman up to his days as a breakout musician together with Mike Hanopol and Wally Gonzales in a band called Juan de la Cruz. It also follows his journey from young musician in ‘Gapo to opening for the Beatles in 1965 Manila, up to his arrest in 1992 and his eventual release in 1994. In memory of his passing, ANCX is proud to bring back that rare look into the life of a legend.

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