Cruz appears toward the end of the trailer of the new indie film 'Culion.'

John Lloyd’s appearance in 'Culion' movie is only a cameo, in case the trailer misled anyone

The actor clarifies the length of his appearance in the indie project, concerned the trailer gave audiences the wrong idea
Jerome Gomez | Oct 02 2019

John Lloyd Cruz wants to make it clear that his appearance in the film Culion is only a cameo, just in case the recently released trailer of the movie led audiences to expect more— the actor himself told ANCX Tuesday evening. 

Cruz’s face showing up at the end of the trailer of the new indie film, written by Ricky Lee and directed by Alvin Yapan, sparked many enthusiastic reports online announcing the actor’s return to the movies. 

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The excitement over a comeback film is understandable; it’s been two years since his last big screen project, Finally Found Someone, came out in theaters — and for some time it did seem like Cruz didn’t have any more interest in reviving his acting career. And then the Culion trailer came.

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But the actor didn’t want to give his followers the wrong idea. Cruz said he really only appears in one scene in Culion. “I thought including me in the teaser was preemptive. It was the opposite of what I actually requested and agreed on,” the actor told ANCX in an SMS message.

“But as much as I am drawn to the idea of letting my work, of any kind, have its own life and take its own course in terms of output (unmindful of how it mutates, grows and sometimes gets diminished) I am also wary of misleading an audience," continued Cruz. "That wouldn’t be fair. Hence, I felt compelled to clarify my participation in the film.”

Culion is a period piece set in the once popular leper colony of the same name. It stars Iza Calzado, Meryl Soriano and Jasmine Curtis-Smith. The film has been submitted for consideration to this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival. The trailer was released Monday, September 30, alarming Cruz who is currently out of the country.