We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 2
E.T. The Extraterrestrial. Photo of television by Thibault Penin on Unsplash, movie still from IMDB

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve

Steak ram-don for a “Parasite” screening, a classic cheeseburger with a good red for “Ready Player One,” and balut—instead of poached egg on a cup—to start “Call Me By Your Name.” The possibilities are endless. 
ANCX | Sep 26 2020

There’s very little we can do in terms of fun gathering these days, given the restrictions that keeping ourselves COVID-safe require. But that doesn’t mean we can’t gather the fam for a weekend evening over at the dimmed living room for a movie-themed ‘event.’ Or maybe even invite a few, select friends who we trust to be corona-free—as long as we still keep a safe distance and wear masks when needed. A movie night seems low key enough a party—a good excuse to enjoy company without attracting too much attention from the neighbors, and also to shake up your movie-watching activity which, after six months in quarantine, can get pretty sad, admit it. So we asked a few friends for movie night party ideas you might want to build on. 


Miguel Nacianceno, photographer, Grid Magazine publisher 

I think I’d push for “Sneakers” (1992), a little favorite of mine from the 90s. Funny, great cast, with a cautionary technology theme that’s applicable until today. My go-to movie night food would be pizza, cheddar cheese flavored chips with sour cream dip. Maybe wings. Sorry, very hetero food choices. 

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 3


Migs Rosales, art advisor and creative consultant 

The movie: “The Last Supper” (1995).

The menu: Insalata Caprese, Pasta Pomodoro, Bloody Mary for cocktails.

I chose “The Last Supper” because there are so many heavily opinionated people and people who lack empathy and compassion online these days it would be great to have them watch this film and serve them these tomato based dishes and drinks. To explain why would be to give away the film. It would be great to see their reactions as they watch and feast!

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 4
The Last Supper


James Ong, editor in chief of Mabuhay Magazine 

I’m going to keep it light and fun with the Netflix documentary “Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado.” I had no idea who he was until I saw drag queen Alexis Mateo – bam! – impersonate him on “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star Season 5.” Mercado, who died in November last year, was an astrologer from Puerto Rico with an outsize personality, brushed-up blonde hair like Carolina Herrera’s and a house full of bejeweled capes that would put to shame the Marian and Santo Niño devotees among Manila’s couturiers. 

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 5
Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Machado

In these uncertain times, what we need is a spiritual guru. Barring that, a good distraction. “Mucho Mucho Amor” runs just over 1.5 hours, is very easy to digest and guaranteed to entertain, perhaps even inspire. I predict a successful viewing! The only snag is that most of the movie is in Spanish so you will have to pay close attention to the subtitles. For this watch party, I will serve Spanish tapas: tacos, empanadas, croquettes, calamari, potato omelette. And though Navarro’s favorite drink was tea – where is the fun in that? – I’ll be serving up unlimited sangria. Those more resourceful can mix the Walter Mercado cocktail.


Paolo Lorenzana, writer, Philippine Communications Director, Roche Bobois 

As much as I would love to screen the Criterion Classic Si Ayala at Si Zobel—the 1994 film where I shared a comedic scene with the legendary Nova Villa (I was an extra)—I’ll save this showcase of my talents for a more celebratory occasion, post-pandemic. 

After all, COVID has been humbling for everyone, hasn’t it? 

Instead, we’ll watch a film that takes us back to a time before quarantine—when quarantining one’s true feelings and identity could be just as devastating: “Call Me By Your Name.”

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 6
Call Me By Your Name

As a tribute to the film’s iconic mayordoma, Mafalda, this watch party will serve an exclusive tasting menu by our household’s former mayordoma. Sol was our cook when I was a closeted teen, so it’s only right that she prepares comfort food from this era. And as I did then, I’ll demand she make her lutong bahay more sosyal. To which she’ll respond, “Ang arte-arte mo, tumigil ka!” 

Anyway, Sol has chosen three dishes for this purpose: 

1. Balut - A rightful starter. Echoing the breakfast scene where Armie Hammer’s Oliver struggles to gracefully eat a soft-boiled egg, Sol goes local with a Pinoy egg staple. We’ve got our own preferences and techniques in consuming balut. Plus isn’t warm amniotic fluid dripping down your crush’s strong chin somewhat erotic? 

2. Spaghetti a la Sol - With the Italian countryside as a backdrop to a blossoming queer love, pasta should be present in this party. Its main ingredient: bickering between Sol and I, just like the love-hate exchanges between Elio and Mafalda. I’ll tell her she should make a more authentic Italian pasta and she’ll still stubbornly whip up her classic Pinoy spaghetti. She’ll defend this, of course: “Diba pang-bading dapat ito? O ayan—hotdog!” 

3. Peaches in Syrup - Basic bitches know “Call Me By Your Name” as that movie where Timotheé turns a peach into a Fleshjack. The sweet ending Sol served is perfect then. At this point, our beloved mayordoma is so over pleasing our guests that she’s decided to open a can of Del Monte Peach Halves and call it a night.  


Butz Tenchavez, owner of Gran Hacienda Wines, a small, focused and independent importer and distributor.

The Broadway play Hamilton. My favorite Broadway play ever. During that period, they would drink a lot of Portuguese wine specifically Madeira. I have yet to taste Madeira because of the stratospheric price, but a good Portuguese wine that is native and original like Madeira should fit nicely. Vadio Tinto 2015 made from 100% Baga grape from Bairrada region is a versatile red that is perfect for this movie night and would go nicely with your favorite pizza since this is New York City after all.     

Next movie is the fun romantic-comedy Blended taken in the scenic wildlife Africa. A favorite in the family. Watched it more than ten times with my daughter. Such a feel-good movie. Buttered popcorn and creamy Chardonnay from Stellenbosch in South Africa like Glenelly Estate Reserve 2018 is a sure hit combo.

Ready Player One is a movie we also love. Directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg. Watched this more than Blended. A movie that blends modern with vintage. An American drive-thru classic like Cheeseburger with an easy and good acid red that blends tradition and modernity in the winery. Try Viña Zorzal Malayeto 100% Garnacha for an ultimate burger pairing.

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 7
Ready Player One


Pepper Teehankee, Lifestyle/food writer, @pepperteehankee

We'd watch “E.T. The Extraterrestrial” if I were to host a movie party. It's a movie I've seen over 80 times and I never get tired of it. Standard movie night fare of pizza, burgers, and popcorn will be my ideal food to munch on watching this with friends. My picks would be Four Cheese & Mushroom or Bacon Pizza from Elbert's Pizzeria! Buttered popcorn, oozing with extra butter! Double Cheeseburgers, Grilled Cheese Cheeseburgers, and the Steamed Burger from Sweet Ecstasy. 

Of course, best drink to take with this is ice cold beer, any kind will do as long as it's ice cold! If people still want to stay, I'd switch to another favorite of mine, “Cinema Paradiso.” Food will remain the same but we can switch to wine.

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 8
E.T. The Extra Terrestrial


Angelo Comsti, author of Also Filipino: 75 Regional Dishes I Never Had Growing Up, plus four other cookbooks

Save family meals for regular days and party platters for special occasions. Come movie nights, I want snacks. Those that require a single hand for utensils, allowing the other to reach for liquor or the remote. A lot of options here, from French fries and onion rings, a basket of mojos, buffalo wings or a bucket of fried chicken dunked in gravy. These are best downed with ice cold beer.

I have a strong fascination for foreign films and it's great that Netflix has a handful of notable Spanish movies such as the action-packed thriller Toro or the murder mystery The Invisible Guest. I certainly wouldn't mind serving a good selection of cheese and crackers, Serrano ham, chorizos and chistorras, patatas bravas and even tortilla Española, along with a Ribera del Duero or sangria. It might seem too thematic, but honestly, I’d cough up any excuse just to enjoy Spanish tapas.

I have nothing but mad love for instant noodles and I show this by pimping them up. Think steak ram-don from Parasite. The possibilities are endless. How about dunking curly noodles in a bowl of curry soup or simply topping pancit canton with stir-fried ground beef and sunny side up, just like a patil batong from Tuguegarao. 

We asked 7 guys what film they will choose for a movie night party—and what food they will serve 9