These ‘vandalized’ billboards of ‘Trese’ are stirring up netizens 2
A ‘vandalized’ Trese poster. Photo from the Netflix Facebook page

These ‘vandalized’ billboards of ‘Trese’ are stirring up netizens

But is it just a marketing strategy by Netflix?  
ANCX Staff | Jun 07 2021

Five days before the anime adaptation of the award-winning graphic novel “Trese” premieres, the series’s billboards in the city’s main thoroughfares appear to have been vandalized. “This is our city,” one spray-painted message reads over the original poster. “Siyudad namin ito. Layas,” reads another. 

Netflix, the streaming giant releasing "Trese" posted the pictures of the billboards on their Facebook page and captioned them: “What kind of monster would do this??? If you see something, say something - we're going to find out who did this.” Trese is about a detective dealing with crimes committed by supernatural characters like kapres and engkantos. It was created by the writer Budjette Tan and artist KaJO Baldisimo. 

These ‘vandalized’ billboards of ‘Trese’ are stirring up netizens 3
How driven is this “vandal” who wanted to “sabotage” the Trese premiere? Photo from Netflix Facebook page.

We’re like 99.9 percent convinced the graffiti is a publicity stunt from Netflix which debuts the Filipino-created series Friday, June 11, a day before Philippine Independence Day. Still, we had to ask—and the streaming platform’s public relations rep in Manila told ANCX they will release more information about the billboards later in the day. 

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying reading the comments thread. There’s one rolling her eyes over Netflix’s supposed gall making it appear like it’s the Filipino people who did the vandalizing when, ugh, it’s really Netflix’s doing. There’s another seriously wondering how the vandals were able to do their dirty deed from that dizzying height! But mostly, it’s applause emojis, congratulations, and kudos all around, commending the team behind the idea. “Intense marketing strategy!” says one. “Well played Trese, peeps,” comments another. Someone points out the vandals are not exactly "Trese" haters out to sabotage the upcoming premiere—the series title and release date were conveniently, largely left unstained and therefore easily readable. 

These ‘vandalized’ billboards of ‘Trese’ are stirring up netizens 4
Vandal “conveniently” left the title and release date largely untouched. Photo from Netflix Facebook page.

As of this writing, the post has been liked 35,900 times and shared 16,800 times. The 2,200-strong comments thread is now a party of "Trese" devotees aware of the narrative references and netizens always ready with a meme. 

“You should catch the manananggal who did this,” says an obvious fan of the graphic novel. 

What’s the sequel gonna be for “Trese”?—someone writes before attaching an ad for the Erich Gonzales teleserye, “Katorse.” 

We don't think Netflix needs to follow this stunt with a big reveal. Unless meron talagang na-onse.