Ormoc City Mayor Richard Gomez favors this Fernando Amorsolo piece called “Lavanderas.” Photo by Patrick Diokno for W Management

The best of the lots: Richard Gomez reveals his favorites from the upcoming León auction

The Ormoc City mayor puts on his collector hat for ANCX and the León Gallery Kingly Treasures Auction    
ANCX Staff | Nov 18 2020

Richard Gomez has always been a man of many talents and interests. He was at one point an athlete, an actor, and a photographer—this was before politics took over. But even with the demanding life of a public official, the man still gets to indulge his other pursuits. 

These days, on top of being Ormoc City mayor, he’s on YouTube teaching his fans how to cook the dishes he grew up with. And occasionally, he still gets to practice his art. Richard is a self-taught artist who got interested in painting when he started pursuing photography as a UP student. Mayor Goma has been an art enthusiast for the past three decades, an admirer of the abstract works of Jackson Pollock, the Filipino Alfonso Ossorio, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Alexander Calder and Joan Miro. 

As a painter, he’s the type to address the events that make an impact on him: that’s why he has a series of works sparked by the Ormoc earthquake, and a series on the Amazon forest fires. As someone who appreciates art, he remains a fan of the masters, as his choices in the list below reveal. 

You see, we invited Mayor Goma to be part of our circle of tastemakers for this edition of the León Gallery Kingly Treasures Auction 2020, the third partnership between the esteemed auction house and ANCX. It’s the most important local auction of the year—and we are honored this most stylish guy said yes to our invitation. Let his list of favorites from the November 28 auction guide you to explore the offerings yourself. 


Lot 37

HR Ocampo’s  “Tempo Robato"

“I like this piece bec it is very different from his other works. The color is very playful and the texture is so much his own personal style.” 


Lot 45

Fernando Amorsolo's “Lavanderas”

“I like this one because it makes you feel as if you were in the same rural setting when this work was created.”


Lot 64

Cesar Legaspi's “Couple” 

“I love the subtleties and the tranquil colors of this artwork. How it came together amazes me considering that Legaspi was color blind.”


Lot 114

Jerry Elizalde Navarro “Sun’s Presence”

“I just like the  composition and the combination of colors.”


Lot 148

Alfonso Ossorio “Untitled #5”

“In this piece you will see the strong influence of his friend Jackson Pollock. The consistent movement of his brush and the splatter of paint. It’s monochromatic and yet dramatic in its finish—this is what gives me joy looking at this strong piece.”


The Léon Gallery Kingly Treasures Auction 2020 is the third major alliance between León Gallery, the country’s most trusted auction house, and ANCX.ph, the urban man’s guide to style and culture, the online lifestyle site of ANC, the ABS-CBN News Channel. The auction will take place on the 28th of November at 2PM.

View the online catalog as well as register to bid now at www.leon-gallery.com. For inquiries, call (02) 8856-2781 or send an email at info@leon-gallery.com.