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A curated guide to New York art shows this fall

PAL starts flying direct to New York this month, and some of the city's major attractions are its myriad art exhibitions. We've made a list for you. Well, we asked someone—a New York gallerist—to do it.
Bam Abellon | Oct 30 2018

The Holiday spirit has no shortage of blissful Christmas music; green, red, and white ornaments; and gift baskets on sale. And because we will have to scuttle through this annual revelry—which includes the relentless holiday traffic and rush—it is only natural that we also often long for a few quiet moments and a more relaxing diversion.

Thankfully, one can find these moments even in a city as busy as New York. Still one of the art capitals of the world, the last three months of the year are filled with a whole spectrum of art spectacle, from museum shows and gallery exhibitions. Should you happen to be in New York now or in the next two months (Philippine Airlines now flies direct to The Big Apple, if you haven't heard), we've mapped out these art attractions below. It was prepared especially for ANCX by the Greek American Owen James, husband of the Filipina artist Pepper Roxas, who owns the Owen James Gallery in 59 Wooster Street (2nd floor), New York. 

Check out these shows that you can catch starting November.

Museum Shows:

Andy Warhol, Whitney Museum of Art, opens on November 12

99 Gansevoort Street, New York

@whitneymuseum on Instagram

Take a walk down the Andy Warhol memory lane as the Whitney Museum of Art opens Andy Warhol—From A to B and Back Again exhibition. According to the museum’s website,, the exhibit, “illuminates the breadth, depth, and interconnectedness of the artist’s production” from the 1950s to the 1980s. It is also Whitney’s “largest monographic exhibition to date.”


Bruce Nauman, Museum of Modern Art, open until February 2019

11 West 53 Street, Manhattan

@themuseumofmodernart​ on Instagram

Bruce Nauman’s works make his audience dig deeper into the personal psyche. Newman explores different media, from watercolor, to flashing neon signs, to sound installation, and to video corridors. After a 50-year career, followers of his work still find it difficult to pinpoint his signature style.


Sarah Lucas, The New Museum, open until January 2019

235 Bowery, New York

@newmuseum on Instagram

Sarah Lucas has dealt with the subject of gender, sexuality, and identity for the past three decades. Now, The New Museum will collate all her works—which consist mostly of everyday objects, such as canned meat—and display 150 photographs, sculptural works, and installation. wrote, “The exhibition addresses the ways in which Lucas’s works engage with crucial debates about gender and power, along with the legacy of Surrealism.”


Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power, The Brooklyn Museum, open until February 2019

200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York

@brooklynmuseum​ on Instagram

There is much to be said about the dark yet empowering times from 1963 to 1983. In the Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power, these years are put in the spotlight through the works of such artists as Faith Ringgold and Emory Douglas. Through this exhibit, the artists recall how Black Americans fought against violence, discrimination, and social and political injustice.


Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy, Metropolitan Museum, open until January 2019

945 Madison Avenue, New York

@themetstore on Instagram

The artists in this exhibition explore the foibles of the government and the current chaos that surrounds the world of fake news, corruption, and political manipulation. The exhibit has two parts, according to The first half deals with “uncovering hidden webs of deceit,” while the works in the second half “uncover uncomfortable truths in an age of information overload and weakened trust in institutions.”

Multi-Venue Events: 

Asia Contemporary Art Week, open until November 2

The Asia Contemporary Art Week will showcase different exhibits this November. 1.) Sopheap Pich will open on November 1, at the Tyler Rollins Fine Art; 2.) American Peril: Imagining the Foreign Threat will open on November 2, at the Twelve Gates Arts in Philadelphia; 3.) Christopher K. Ho: Aloha to the World at the Don Ho Terrace will open at the Bronx Museum on November 7; and 4.) Xin Liu will present her project on November 11 at the Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, under the Thinking Collections: Open Studios series of exhibits.


Gallery Exhibitions:

The Thick Lines Between Here and There, Owen James Gallery, open until December 18

59 Wooster Street, 2nd Floor, New York

@owenjamesgallery on Instagram

Four of Thailand’s most prominent artists showcase their abstract works that depict the country’s “burgeoning and reinvigorated contemporary art scene." Their works will also be displayed alongside abstract paintings of artists from Europe and America, showing the uniqueness of their different perspectives.


Peter Christian Johnson, Acts of Contrition, Sculpture Space New York, open until November 17

47-21 35th Street, Long Island City, New York

@peterchristianjohnson on Instagram

Johnson uses scaffolding to uncover opposites, such as creation and destruction, or soft and hard. wrote, “The arduous process of their creation coupled with the grace found in their [the elements of his works] collapse begins to speak to the paradox of the human condition.”

Hew Locke, Patriots, PPOW Gallery, open until November 10

535 W 22nd Street, New York

@ppowgallery​ on Instagram

Locke’s solo exhibition explores—and questions—America’s patriots. According to, his images, remind us how America was built, and puts into question the personalities we continue to put in pedestals, inviting the city’s street audiences-to stop and ponder.

50 Years: An Anniversary, Paula Cooper Gallery open until November 3

524 W 36th Street, New York

@paulacoopergallery​ on Instagram

Paula Cooper Gallery celebrates its 50 years in the business with an exhibit that will benefit March for Our Lives, a student-led activism that aims to end gun violence and mass shootings.

Didier William, Curtains, Stages, and Shadows, Act 2, Anna Zorina Gallery opens until November 24

533 West 23 Street, New York

@annazorinagallery on Instagram

In this exhibit, William shows through his large mixed-media paintings the lives he witnessed while growing up in a Hatian community in Miami. The titles of the paintings are written in one of his languages too, Haitian Kreyòl—with only the power of his images as translations.  


Ken Price, Matthew Marks Gallery, opens on November 3

523 W 24th Street, New York

Ken Price has been known to captivate observers with his brightly hued ceramic sculptures, inspired by his surfer lifestyle during his younger years. Price’s sculptures have evolved from small-scale structures to large-scale ones.