Mark Lester Espina’sImagine, Cedrick Dela Paz’sPEYSAWT (phase out / face out), Winner Jumalon’s It Is No Panacea
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Art Moments Jakarta proceeds with a virtual show of spectacular Filipino artworks

The show is comprised of works from current collector favorites.
ANCX | Jul 04 2020

In ANCX’s second virtual art gallery, we partner with DF Art Agency and Art Moments Jakarta.

The gallery showcases a capsule collection of Filipino artists slated to be shown in the international art fair, Art Moments Jakarta. However the pandemic forced a postponement of the event to June 3-6, 2021.

This year’s second edition would have featured 50 exhibitors from Indonesia and across Asian countries.

Among the artists featured are; Max Balatbat, Cedric de la Paz, Mark Lester Espina, Adrian Evangelista, Dino Gabito, Mark Andy Garcia, Winner Jumalon, Demi Padua, Lynyrd Paras, Pongbayog and Marrie Saplad.

Max Balatbat's Starlet 2020, acrylic skin on canvas, 48” x 36”

Art manager Derek Flores of DF Art Agency says participating in art fairs is an excellent platform to expose Filipino artists. “Secondly, Indonesia also has a big art market in Southeast Asia. I know some Indonesians who like our contemporary artists. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the first time for Gabito, Evangelista, Pongbayog, Mark Lester, Cedrick and Saplad to exhibit abroad.”

Art Moments Jakarta 2020, Fair Director, Leo Silitonga says, “We were very excited with DF Art Agency’s participation. As I know Derek Flores personally, and he will exhibit important young artists from the Phillipines. We believe that Philippine artworks has been very well accepted by Indonesian art collectors. When I managed Bazaar Art Jakarta 2015, Derek collaborated with a Singaporean-based gallery and it was a sold out show. We believe that DF Art Agency will experience the same success again in Art Moments Jakarta 2021.”

Meanwhile, because of the postponement of this year’s event, Flores decided to push thru with exhibiting the spectacular Filipino works in a virtual show. 

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“There’s a lot of conversation happening right now about what the new normal in art should look like,“ says Flores, “for art collectors this would likely mean viewing virtual exhibits. In fact, we were actually able to stage one at the height of the lockdown in May 2020 with Anna Bautista's PAUSE solo exhibit. It was our goal to adapt to the situation. Thankfully, this was well received by the collectors.”

Lynyrd Paras's Eat Your Bones 2020, oil on canvas, 48” x 36”

Flores says the experiential component of art will have to take a backseat temporarily because of the pandemic. “Having a virtual exhibit ensures that no one will put themselves at any risk during these trying times,” he adds. Another advantage of a virtual exhibit is that it can reach a wider audience here and abroad.


For more information about the artworks and how to purchase visit the link below:

Actual Virtual Gallery:

DF Art Agency:


DF Art Management represents on an exclusive basis these five artists: Pongbayog, Marrie Saplad, Bryan Teves, Anna Bautista and Angelo Quintos.