Silvana Diaz and one of her top three picks in the upcoming León Gallery Asian Cultural Council Auction 2021—Romulo Olazo's Permutations Series # 12

Tastemaker’s list: Silvana Diaz picks her personal favorites from the upcoming León auction

The force behind the country’s longest-running commercial art space shares what she considers the best from a treasure chest of options   
ANCX Staff | Feb 22 2021

Silvana Diaz is the force behind Galleria Duemila, the longest running commercial art space in the country. Having started her career in the Philippines in the 70s, by mounting her sister-in-law Isabel Diaz’s maiden show of paintings, the strong-willed Italian has not only been a mover in professionalizing local gallery practice but a witness to the birth of a Philippine art scene. 

Today, her art space in Pasay continues to show works of contemporary art pillars as well as works of promising new names. Her list for what she deems the best of the lots from the upcoming León Gallery Asian Cultural Council Auction 2021 (slated this Saturday, February 27), however, displays her high regard for three established masters. 


Lot 88 Lao Lianben, In Silence

1997 (lower left and verso), acrylic, pencil, modeling paste on canvas, 60” x 36” (152 cm x 91 cm) 

“A master of black and white, the work of Lao Lianbien is able to bring great depth into modern mix of mediums. He has great mastery of his material and the choice of strokes and textures always brings one back to his Chinese roots. He captures abstraction in almost a dreamlike state, where the minimalist words ‘less is more’ is captured visually.”


Lot 92, Romulo Olazo, Permutations Series # 12

1989 (lower right), mixed media on canvas

60” x 48” (152 cm x 122 cm)

“Here, Olazo’s lines and styles mix with one another. ‘Permutations’ meets techniques from his ‘Diaphanous’ series. The lines are clean and expressive; his talent for colors highly compliment the space of his geometrical permutations. Olazo has the ability to balance lines and layers in simplicity, giving this work great depth and aesthetic.”


Lot 100 Lamberto Hechanova, Homage to Julie

1968 (verso), brass, aluminum, plastic, and luminous tape, 65” x 46 1/2” (165 cm x 118 cm)

“I think that this work by Hechanova is very beautiful and highly modern for the time it was made. It really represented the minimal movement as well as the new concept of using material other than canvas to create layers and dimensions. I especially love the bold choices he took especially to leap forward, experiment and discover the minimal styles artists from around the globe had begun to dive into.”