One of designer Rajo Laurel's picks in the upcoming León Gallery Asian Arts Council Auction 202—Lamberto Hechanova's "Homage to Julie."

Tastemaker’s list: What Rajo Laurel would bid on from the upcoming León auction

The fashion designer reveals what draws him to works of art.  
ANCX Staff | Feb 19 2021

The designer Rajo Laurel is constantly creating—whether it’s fabulous dresses for society It girls and debutantes, or items for the home, like the chic dinnerware line he just launched last December. Hence, he is also in constant need for inspiration, and art is one of his constant go-tos. 

As part of our circle of tastemakers for the upcoming León Gallery Asian Arts Council Auction 2021, Rajo gives us a glimpse of what draws him to a work of art by listing down the pieces he would love to bid on from the 162 lots on offer. In it, he reveals his familiarity with the artists’ works and how he is often influenced by emotion when reacting to a piece of art. 

The upcoming auction is Leon Gallery’s way of supporting the efforts of the Asian Arts Council Philippines Foundation Inc.—of which Rajo is board member—towards providing grants to Filipino artists in various fields seeking to expand their horizons through studies or residencies abroad. The auction is also presented by ANCX. 

Here are Rajo’s picks: 


Lot 2 Juvenal Sanso, “Untitled”  

“I am partial to black and white paintings and this really stood out to me as it is not your usual Sanso. He normally has these underwater dreamlike landscapes and this one of Philippine shanties is unique in my eyes. Plus I don’t have a Sanso in our collection so this might be a great piece to begin.  


Lot 67 Bernardo Pacquing, “Symbiosis”  

“I am a huge fan of Pacquing and this piece is something I want to bid on. I love how it makes me feel tranquil and at peace. A big plus for me is that I see fashion images in it, like hangers and a lovely bra top or a tote, which resonate in my craft and life’s work. I hope I get it.”



Lot  90 Ferdinand Montemayor, Message sent” 

“The textures and the techniques utilised in this piece really intrigue me. There is so much depth and so much narrative it’s the kind of work that I’d like to stare at it for hours and figure out what it all means.” 


Lot 152 Ronson Culibrina, “Hope and Love” 

“I love the juxtaposition of the rural scene with the hope and love image. This piece gives me so much optimism and joy. I am starting my farm this year and this piece somehow signifies this so I do hope that it ends in my collection. 


Lot 100 Lamberto Hechanova “Homage to Julie”  

“I am actually really yearning for color on my walls and in my life. I feel the strong need for this and this really jumped out and really made me feel great. Good art does that to me and often I collect through this tug of emotion. Looking at the peice just makes me smile and that is a big reason why I love it.”


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