One of Asian Cultural Council Philippines Foundation chairman Ernest Escaler's favorites in the upcoming Leon auction is Anita Magsaysay Ho's “Tinapa Vendors.” 

Tastemaker’s list: Ernest Escaler picks 5 must-get pieces from the upcoming León auction

This champion of the local coffee industry is also a champion of the arts and the Filipino artist.   
ANCX Staff | Feb 17 2021

As chairman of the Asian Cultural Council Philippines Foundation, Ernest Escaler has been spearheading the group’s efforts to provide grants for the most talented, most promising Filipino artists since the year 2000. These are artists in various fields seeking to expand their horizons through studies or residencies abroad. 

The upcoming León auction, slated this February 27, is among Escaler’s efforts. 

This sportsman, Gourmet Farms founder and champion of Philippine coffee has always been close to the arts, having had stints as chair of Ballet Philippines, producer of movies, and art student (he took up art lessons when he was a kid). At home, he is also surrounded by art—and by no less than the works of masters, from Botong Francisco to Anita Magsaysay Ho to Gus Albor. 

His affinity for having only the best is clear in his list of his top five favorites from the Leon Gallery’s Asian Cultural Council Auction 2021, which is also presented by ANCX. Included in his list are two superior ACC grantees: Roberto Chabet (1968) and Don Salubayba (2004).

Lot 9

“Kakawate Season” by Romulo Galicano

As a collector of his works, I find this piece quite moving.  Galicano is one of the great realist painters of this age.


Lot 24

“Tinapa Vendors” by Anita Magsaysay Ho

The artistry of the picture speaks for itself.


Lot 39

“Pila sa Bigas” by Vicente Manasala

The Artist has been known to do a number of Market scenes and I feel this one  is one of the most colorful piece.


Lot 126 

“Blind Window” by Roberto Chabet

Just looking at this piece, you will see how the premier abstract artist in the Philippines has influenced many of the fine contemporary artists we have now.


Lot 137 

“Big Bang Bamboo” by Don Salubayba

As one of our successful ACC Grantee, this piece reflects the experience he had in the exchange program where he creates an East West Fusion.


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