5 Starter Packs to help secure your future

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Posted at Dec 10 2020 04:27 PM

Chasing after your dreams and aspirations have never been harder than it is today. But do not lose hope, because there is always a way. When it comes to reaching your life goals and achieving financial security, many financial products in the market can help. 

Sun Life, one of the Philippines' longest-standing life insurance companies, has made it its mission to help Filipinos achieve lifetime financial security and live healthier lives no matter what the situation. As many have started recognizing the benefits of having life and health insurance during this time, Sun Life sought to find more ways to help its clients achieve their life goals. 

For this, the company has specially created five starter packs anchored on life stages to represent the variety of financial needs. Because there is not one financial solution that can cater to every situation, these product bundles can be tailor-fit to better address one's needs and circumstances.

Inigo's Adulting Starter Pack

Adulting during a health crisis can be a crazy adventure. No one knows this better than Inigo Pascual who started living independently in an uncertain world.

Sun Life understands this struggle and created a special combo to help those who have newly graduated and young adults protect and grow the money they currently have. For initially P2,000 a month, you can get Inigo's Adulting Starter Pack that consists of the Sun StartUp, a 10-year life insurance plan with a money-back feature, and Sun Life Prosperity Money Market mutual fund.

Sun StartUp is an affordable life insurance plan that provides protection for 10 years and gives back a portion of your total payment after the 10-year coverage period. It is ideal for first-time insurance buyers who want something simple but with enough coverage. You can even add a supplementary benefit or rider to boost your coverage because you can never be too prepared. 

On the other hand, Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Mutual Fund can help beginner investors dip their toes in the field with minimal risk.

5 Starter Packs to help secure your future 1

Matteo's Newlywed Starter Pack

Newlywed actor Matteo Guidicelli knows what it is like to start your own family in the middle of a health crisis. His starter pack aims to help others enjoy a secure future with his or her budding family. 

To strengthen the financial foundation of your family's future, a combination of the SUN Smarter Life Classic insurance plan with riders and Sun Life Prosperity Achiever 2028 mutual fund investment may just be the right solution, with the combined rate of initially 5,000 a month.

This will especially be helpful for young couples with future milestones in mind like saving up for a new home or preparing for their children's education. 

5 Starter Packs to help secure your future 2

Enchong's Negosyante Starter Pack

Aspiring or current business owners will find aid in Enchong Dee's Negosyante Starter Pack. Whether it be funding for business capital, expansion plans, or personal goals, there is a combination that will fit your needs. 

Initially at P4,000 a month, this particular bundle comes with Sun MaxiLink 100 investment-linked insurance plan and Sun Life Prosperity Achiever 2028 mutual fund. The life insurance plan also includes optional Accidental Death Benefit, Total Disability Benefit, and Critical Illness Benefit riders to enhance one's coverage. 

Start counting the days towards your dream business without putting your life savings in danger. 

5 Starter Packs to help secure your future 3

Piolo's Health Starter Pack

Much like veteran actor Piolo Pascual, seasoned professionals are now looking seriously into their future and putting more emphasis on their health. 

So how can you be financially prepared when faced with unexpected health-related concerns? With the help of Piolo's Health Starter Pack, initially at P7,000 a month, one can reap the benefits of Sun First Aid Plus and Sun LifeAssure. 

Sun First Aid is a hospital income plan that provides cash benefits, so you can worry less about costly medical bills due to hospital confinement or surgery. When coupled with Sun LifeAssure, which is a critical illness insurance plan with attachable riders that provides protection benefits against any of the covered critical illness conditions, you are shielded against the unexpected in life.

With this health starter pack, worry less about unforeseen illnesses or emergencies affecting your savings. 

5 Starter Packs to help secure your future 4

Charo's Parent of OFW Starter Pack

Overseas Filipino Workers double their hard work because they go abroad in order to support and care for both financially-dependent parents and their own family. Starts at P7,000 a month, Charo Santos-Concio's Parent of OFW Starter Pack aims to help OFWs invest their hard-earned money while protecting their elderly parents with a combination of SUN Senior Care and Sun Life Prosperity Money Market Mutual Fund. 

SUN Senior Care is specifically designed to address the evolving life and health protection needs of the elderly and covers advanced-age critical illness conditions. This will be helpful for OFWs should their aging parents need medical assistance without taking from the savings intended for his or her own family. 

Have the peace of mind that no matter what happens there is a fund ready to help in times of health emergencies. 

5 Starter Packs to help secure your future 5

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While there is no single financial product that can cover all life goals, with carefully selected combinations such as these Starter Packs, it will be easier to work towards those goals. 

Sun Life continues to find ways to become the Filipino's lifetime partner in achieving financial security. The company offers simple and easy-to-understand financial solutions that can fit anyone's goals and budget, as well as tailor-fit insurance and investment products. 

No matter where you are in life, there are relevant solutions available that will help you on the road to a brighter life. 

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