Kaye Abad’s 'spa in a bottle' during her pregnancy

Efficascent Oil

Posted at Dec 04 2017 03:18 PM

Ask a Filipino to name the most common remedy to stress and physical discomfort, and the word "Efficascent Oil" is guaranteed to be on his list.
Over the years, Efficascent Oil has become one of the most trusted household brands in the Philippines. And as stress levels escalate due to worsening traffic condition and pollution, Efficascent Oil ensures that instant relief is within the reach of every Filipino.
On November 21, the country's leading instant relief brand launched Efficascent Relaxing Oil, with a promise to provide quick and effective remedy to various physical and mental stress manifestations.

“I have very sensitive nose and madali akong mahilo. This product really helps a lot specially sa mga pregnant women whenever they experience morning sickness and backache kasi I heard you can’t have massage when you’re pregnant. Ito na yung pinakamalapit sa spa for pregnant women,” shared Kaye Abad.

Guided by a series of research and development studies, Efficascent Relaxing Oil has a powerful combination of essential oils, such as eucalyptus and peppermint, that help calm stressed nerves.
Eucalyptus oil contains expectorant and stimulant properties that allows the head to be cleared of mental exhaustion, while it also increases focus and concentration.

Peppermint oil, on the other hand, has cooling, pain relieving, and stimulating properties. It also stimulates the mind to eradicate mental fatigue.
Blending together these two calming ingredients in a relaxing oil gives instant relaxation to the body. Beyond that, it also cools down rabid emotions, which allows the mind to get into its "breathing space."

The newest and natural partner for instant relaxation.

Efficascent Relaxing Oil can be applied topically on the temples, neck, other pulse points, and by inhaling its relaxing vapors from the bottle.

It is available in 3mL and 6mL pocket-sized bottles with a roll-on applicator that slides easily on the skin. It has a spill-proof packaging making it a perfect partner for daily commuters and constant travelers.

“It’s always in my kikay kit because it’s really small lalo na pag emergency like headaches, mosquito bites and especially lately I travel more often,” shared Kaye Abad.

"We are a brand trusted by Filipino families for almost 60 years. Efficascent Oil will continue to fulfill the needs of our consumers, and our commitment to them remains the same – to provide relief to their physical pain from a hard day of work,” said John Rey Villorente, Vice President Brand Management Division of International Pharmaceuticals Inc.

"As the Filipino habits evolve with their needs for immediate solutions to problems, we promise to evolve with them. And this is the reason for the new Efficascent Relaxing Oil – an instant and natural remedy for relaxation, anytime you need it, anywhere you are," said Villorente.

Efficascent Relaxing Oil is now available in leading drug stores and supermarkets nationwide.

International Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a proudly Filipino company that is one of the largest, well-established manufacturers and distributors of innovative high-quality products in the Philippines.

For more information, check out Efficascent's official Facebook Page.

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