How the location of your home affects work-life balance

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Posted at Nov 18 2021 03:00 PM

Photo source: Pexels 
Photo source: Pexels 

For many, the home is a safe and comforting place. No matter how stressed and tired you are from dealing with issues at work, home is where you can just lay your head and relax. When you think of home, you think of childhood nostalgia and beautiful memories made inside its four walls. You also plan and dream for the future inside the home. 

A home is not just a building but a place where you spend a good portion of your life. So, choosing the right home for you and your family is an important decision. 

Some things to consider if you are looking for comfortable living is the location; how close or far is it from your workplace and nearby schools for children, your relatives and close friends, restaurants, leisure or cultural facilities, hospitals, markets, and access to public transportation.

Buyers may also need to consider the safety and security of the neighborhood, the size and quality of the structure of the property, the green space available for children and the elderly, the cost of living in the area, and the value of the property. Taking these qualities into account will help individuals and starting families find a place that will suit their needs and lifestyle.

Residing within the business district may be ideal for some, but if you desire a balance between work and personal life, you may want to take into consideration living near the city instead of inside it. A location near the central district and your workplace, but far enough that there is abundant space and greenery for you and your family. 

Ready to move in 

For individuals and families looking for homes that provide accessibility, security, and comfort, a ready-for-occupancy (RFO) property is an ideal choice. RFO units are fully constructed and can be readily turned over to new owners. Since RFO units are already completed projects, discerning home buyers can visually inspect the quality, aesthetics, condition of the actual unit, and even see if the neighborhood and location fit their desired lifestyle. They can also check the condition of the building, the security, and the amenities that the development offer.

Most RFO properties also come with generous promos such as flexible payment terms and lease-to-own plans that homebuyers can take advantage of. 

RFOs may also present advantages to investors. An RFO in a prime location offers opportunities for lease, and there is no need to count years before being able to utilize your investment. Moreover, RFOs resale value can be high, especially after some choice renovations on a unit can translate to a good value in the secondary market. 

Thriving communities in Marikina

A metropolis with a suburban appeal to it, Marikina City is a prime location for individuals and families. Although it is near the key business districts, the city has a warm allure that brings comfort and relaxation to its residents.

Strategically located not too far away from the business district, it is where the urban and suburban life meet. Right near workplaces, schools, and immediate access to major highways that lead to the city and the provinces, proximity to leisure destinations, and convenient access to public transportation, hospitals, and markets.

Federal Land Inc. remains committed to building dynamic communities so that homeowners can enjoy life to the fullest in prime areas and key cities. With properties available in Marikina City along Sumulong Highway, Federal Land offers a variety of RFO properties in Tropicana Garden City and Marquinton Residences that suit the different needs of people, especially those who are looking to be part of a safe, established community where resident comfort, safety, and accessibility are prioritized. 

Tropicana Garden City values the style, comfort, and security of its residents and community. Photo source: Federal Land website
Tropicana Garden City values the style, comfort, and security of its residents and community. Photo source: Federal Land website

Tropicana Garden City is a garden community that flaunts its Mediterranean Castilian architectural charm to individuals and families who love recreation as the property offers a home near major weekend destinations, central business districts, lifestyle hubs, and premier schools. Along with 24/7 security plus indoor and outdoor amenities, living in style, comfort, and safety is one of the value points individuals and families can enjoy.

Meanwhile, Marquinton Residences is a lifestyle destination in the East of Metro Manila. It gives off a warm-homey vibe to its residences while providing the comfort of city life as it has its own mall, amenities, and office complex spaces. The medium-rise residential community is secured with 24/7 CCTV security surveillance.

Because having a home near the city is a choice that brings just the right amount of comfort, work-life balance, and space to grow with your family.

To know more about the properties and available payment terms, visit the Tropicana Garden City’s website or call (632) 7506-6473 to schedule a private viewing of the property.

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