Send your love anywhere in the world this Christmas


Posted at Nov 04 2020 06:00 PM

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) go abroad to provide a better life for their families. Despite the many challenges and difficulties they encounter in another country, they persevere to achieve their dreams of better circumstances. With the current situation leaving many unemployed or unable to get home, there is no better time than now for families to support one another in achieving the family goal of a brighter future. 

The season of giving is near and for families in the Philippines that have relatives abroad, this is the perfect time to return their love and show support by sending a thoughtful gift. 

Here are some suggestions on how you can send your love to family members or OFW relatives. 

Video Compilation

OFW parents miss many of their children's milestones and daily growth because of the need to work abroad. That is why a video compilation will make a great gift for Christmas. Take videos showing snippets of the family's daily lives and important moments and edit it in a video you can send online. Do random interviews of everyone in the family or take them through your day like a personal vlog. 

Take it a step further by creating a memory lane compilation of major events that they might have missed since they were unable to return home. With this gift, it is important to make them feel as if they are actually present during those moments.

Care Package 

Filipinos are used to receiving Balikbayan boxes all the time and each delivery never fails to bring joy and excitement to the receiver. Why not return the favor with a care package of your own? Curate a box filled with the OFW relative's favorite Filipino food or snacks, essentials that they will be hard-pressed to find in the country where they are at, additional clothing, and simple things like an ointment for muscle pain or aromatherapy products for relaxation.

Do not forget to add items that will remind them of the family eagerly waiting for their return. 

A Collection of Handwritten Letters

While emails and social media chats are a quick and convenient way to stay in touch, nothing says love and effort than a handwritten letter. OFWs will surely appreciate personalized notes from their loved ones and imagine their surprise when they open it to see not just one but several handwritten notes. 

You can do a set of letters meant to be opened on specific dates or letters they will open when they feel specific emotions like lonely, sad, or even happy. Include photos, some mementos, a dried flower, or spray your perfume on it to make it even special. What matters is that these letters convey how important they are to you and that they are not alone even if they are a thousand miles away. 

Financial support

People receiving financial aid knows the feeling of relief and happiness with every money sent from their loved ones, especially when the budget is tight. This time, the families left in the Philippines can help their OFW relatives by sending financial aid. The situation is tough out there and sometimes, a little bit of cash at the right time can go a long way.

Send your love anywhere in the world this Christmas 1

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LBC launched this as an added service to its Instant Peso Padala initiative.

People who wish to send money to relatives overseas will find this service useful, so will parents who need to support children studying or working abroad, or entrepreneurs who have international business dealings. IPP International is a convenient and secure way to send money anywhere in the world. 

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