How food photographer defied odds, put focus on female visual artists


Posted at Aug 22 2018 11:53 AM | Updated as of Aug 23 2018 11:50 AM

Almost a decade after being turned down for an apprenticeship because a photographer did not want to make a girl carry heavy lights and equipment, Mylene Chung now leads a team of lensmen and women in capturing the tastiest images of food in the country.

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Chung founded food photography studio Photokitchen in 2010 after noticing a lack of focus on the craft of capturing edibles. She then also noticed the importance of giving women a place in the largely male-dominated field of visual media. 

"Today, women are everywhere. We've proven that we can do most things men can, and maybe even some things they can't," she said.

The fruits of her labor, Photokitchen and top food blog, are testaments of her hard work and passion for photography. 

However, she admitted that there is still a constant struggle in her field for growth and diversification.

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

"What I mean about diversification is that even when you're doing something you love, there is still a challenge in making yourself excited every single day," she said.

She explained that regardless of how fun work is, it is bound to be repetitive.

Chung overcomes these obstacles by exploring new ways to entertain herself. To avoid monotonous days, she tries out new avenues of expression. 

"I'm always happy and thankful I ended up where I am. Thankful for every person and event, good or bad, that contributed to me getting here," she said. 

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Maika Anthoni/Jonathan Keh

Despite the struggles she faces, she continues to keep her head held high while pursuing her passion.

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