Make home DIYs more fun and easy with these tools

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Posted at Aug 03 2022 04:57 PM

Photo source: Wilcon Depot
Photo source: Wilcon Depot

Your home needs regular maintenance and repair to keep it in tip-top shape. That is why owning basic household tools is necessary when doing home repairs and maintenance, DIY building projects, or minor renovation. From changing leaky faucets, replacing busted light bulbs, installing extra cabinet storage, repainting walls, to repairing doors and windows. 

To help you fix things around the house, here are basic and essential tools you need for every home repair and maintenance:

Drills and Electric Screwdrivers

Drills and electric screwdrivers are suitable for light-duty tasks like tightening and loosening screws, hanging wall arts, fixing cabinet knobs, among others. Accomplish your DIY projects with efficient drilling tools and electric screwdrivers. You can choose between electric or cordless battery-powered ones for simple home repairs or DIY projects.


Wrenches are hand tools that come in different sizes. It is used for gripping, tightening, loosening, and turning nuts and bolts ideally to fix plumbing fittings. Most wrenches have moveable jaws for different sizes of bolts, but there are also non-adjustable wrenches that can only fit limited sizes.


One of the basic tools you need to have in your home is a hammer. There are various types of hammers you need for everyday repairs and installations and the most common are claw hammers and ball peen. Claw hammers are used for woodwork, while ball peens are designed for metal works.

Measuring tools

Secure the precision and quality of your home projects with the right measuring tools. That is why measuring tools are a must-have to complete your DIY kit: tape measure, steel rulers, gauge, levels, and plum bob. These tools will help you accomplish your improvement projects with utmost accuracy.


Pliers are versatile hand tools for electrical and plumbing chores. When you have maintenance work to be done, having quality pliers will help you cut, grip, tighten, and loosen things. There are different types of pliers you will need for minor repairs in your household such as locking pliers, linesman pliers, long-nose, needle-nose, flat-nose, angled, and diagonal side cutting pliers.


From wood to metal works, you need to have the right saw for each specific task. Saws have different specialties and uses, enabling you to cut properly and accurately. Hack saw and bow saw are essential for metal cutting while drywall saw and handsaw are designed for boards and wood cutting.


Having durable and excellent ladders make a big difference in doing DIY home projects like changing light fixtures, hanging wall frames, and cleaning roofs and gutters. There are few different types of ladders that can help your needs such as step stools, extension ladders, and A-frame ladders.

Tool Organizers

Keeping your essential tools easily accessible while working is a must. Store and arrange your tools in a neat and orderly way using tool boxes and organizer bags. Find the right tool organizer to help you maintain a mess-free working area and avoid losing and misplacing them.

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