Pollution contributes to scalp sensitivity, hair fall—study


Posted at Jul 25 2018 11:38 AM | Updated as of Jul 31 2018 05:49 PM

Pollution contributes to scalp sensitivity, hair fall—study 1

As the body's first defense against pollutants and harsh environmental conditions, skin and hair bear their full effects.

Damage from UV rays, smoke, and other elements can range from mild to harsh, and show up in different ways.

According to researchers, skin damage can appear as premature aging, discoloration, and dryness. 

Damage to hair, meanwhile, can be seen in symptoms such as hair fall.

One study on the link between hair fall and pollution published in OMICS International, conducted by hair transplant surgeon Rajendrasingh Rajput, found that pollution can cause the scalp to be sensitive, resulting in prickling in the scalp, itching, dandruff, oily scalp, and pain in the hair roots.

According to Rajput, prickling in the scalp, itching, dandruff, oily scalp and pain in the hair roots are just some of the many manifestations of pollution in the hair. He also identified air pollution as the main source of particulates, dust, smoke, and other harsh matters.

Irritation by air particles, dust, smoke, and other pollutants contribute to an increase in hair fall, he said. Constant scratching of one's head due to itchy scalp can also damage the hair roots. 

The study concluded that to improve hair condition and maintain a clean, healthy scalp, a person must observe good hygiene and wash hair frequently to prevent the buildup of pollutants.

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