5 reasons to check this one-stop shop for home needs


Posted at Jun 04 2021 04:30 PM

5 reasons to check this one-stop shop for home needs 1

There seem to be no signs of stopping the popularity of home improvement trends, whether locally or abroad, as many strive to make their houses a home. With the health crisis still going around and many choosing to remain indoors, it is unsurprising that it has inspired people to get creative with their spaces.

To help Filipinos make this process easier, may it be in building a house from scratch or remodeling a work from home office, AllHome has collated a wide variety of home essentials and placed them all in one location.

5 reasons to check this one-stop shop for home needs 2

From flexible payment methods to a convenient home shopping experience, here are five reasons to check out this one-stop shop for your home needs.

1. Wide range of quality products

As a full-line home center, AllHome aims to provide everything architects, engineers, and homeowners will need
from building to furnishing. It offers a vast range of products and services with both quality and value for money.

You can purchase hardware, construction materials, tiles and sanitary wares, appliances, and furniture in one place. These are sourced directly overseas and new stocks and styles come out every quarter.

The home depot store offers a wide variety of home essentials such as:
 - Construction
 - Tiles
 - Sanitary Wares
 - Hardware
 - Furniture
 - Appliances
 - Linens
 - Homewares

5 reasons to check this one-stop shop for home needs 3

Apart from competitively priced and exclusive items, the store also has in-house building experts available for consultations to help you make the best purchase for your home.

2. AllValue retail ecosystem

AllHome caters to more than just those constructing or designing a home. Its AllValue retail ecosystem not only provides home needs but everyday essentials as well, offering a well-rounded customer shopping experience.

Most AllHome locations have a supermarket, convenience store, and a variety of food and beverage outlets including a coffee shop. Even if you have no plans of fixing your space, you are sure to find something you need or like within the premises.

3. Creative inspirations for your home

Having a hard time translating your dream room into a reality? Home Inspirations may be able to help.

Walk around the well-designed vignettes in the store and get ideas on how to be creative with your own space. The brand's interior designers have prepared mock house and condominium units where visitors can see different ideas on how to design their own living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

If you like any of the styles, you can directly purchase the home inspirations package or consult with in-house interior designers to tailor it according to your preferences.

5 reasons to check this one-stop shop for home needs 4

Home Inspirations are updated every month so that you have access to fresh ideas every time you visit.

4. Convenient home shopping experience

For those who prefer not to leave their homes, this shop also takes online shopping to the next level with its array of digital solutions.

Order home furniture or construction supplies you need at its website and have them conveniently shipped straight to your home with just a few taps. There are over 10,000 items uploaded online and orders are delivered within 3-5 working days after checking out.

You can also try its hassle-free Personal Shopper Service. Simply send your order form or shopping list via Viber and the staff will do the shopping for you.

If you miss the feeling of actually visiting the store, AllHome has a Virtual Walkthrough option on the website. Check out new items on their shelves and browse through different categories online with this feature.

5. Easy Payment Terms

AllHome has several flexible payment methods available to make it easier for Filipinos to design their dream home.

Whether shopping online or in-store, you can choose to pay via Bank Transfer, Credit Card, GCash, PayMaya, PayPal, cash on delivery, and pay in store.

Loyal customers are also rewarded as the brand takes care of its professional partners. Architects, builders, contractors, designers, and engineers get special discounts and perks with the AllHome Builders Loyalty Card.

5 reasons to check this one-stop shop for home needs 5

From hardware to kitchenware and everything in between, this one-stop shop strives to cater to every home need. When paired with its added services and digital solutions, any Filipino will have an easier time making their dream home a reality.

For more furniture, appliances and construction supplies near you, you can check out AllHome's website or its Facebook page.

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