Night shift survival hacks for first timers


Posted at May 03 2023 03:48 PM

 Photo source: Freepik
Photo source: Freepik

New to the night shift club? Are you still adjusting your body clock? Trying to stay alert at night?

Whether you are new to your job, have tons of readings or work to finish, or have an all-nighter game with your buddies, remember: sleep is for the weak. Here are some tricks to help keep you awake and alert for the best all-nighter ever.

Adjust your sleep schedule

Yes, we know you want just one episode before going to bed. That one episode will end up becoming one series, or that one game will turn into a hundred levels. To avoid getting sucked in by the 'Next' monster, set a seven to nine-hour uninterrupted and dedicated sleep schedule after your duty and don't delay going to bed. The longer you stay awake, the harder it will be for you to find rest. You may also want to refrain from activities that will keep you alert hours before you sleep.

Feel fresh as you go to sleep. After a couple of hours from having a healthy dinner, make sure you wash up before going to bed, hydrate, and go to the toilet before sleeping to ensure that you get the most relaxed sleep you have ever experienced. Once you wake up, you will pat yourself on the back.

 Control your light exposure during the day 

Sorry, but you really have to put the phone and that game controller down to get some rest. There is still tomorrow. Research shows that night-shift workers who suppressed light exposure after their shift were able to sleep fast and long. So, after your shift, hide that phone or gadget, and instead, get busy preparing for rest.

Use caffeine wisely 

Caffeine is your friend and science supports it. According to research, workers who took frequent small amounts of caffeine throughout their work schedule experienced wakefulness, performed better on cognitive tests, and had fewer accidental naps than those who had no caffeine in their bodies, which means that taking a different approach to caffeine may help maximize the effects of it.

Another key way to maximize the effect of caffeine is to stop consuming it six hours before your bedtime.

Moreover, instead of your go-to fix of caffeine, why not try a drink that not only has caffeine, but also has an extra lemon bite and additional Vitamin B3?

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 Photo source: Sprite
Photo source: Sprite

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