Online selling platform commits to helping local brands


Posted at Mar 14 2023 11:59 AM

More than a decade ago, merchants of one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the Philippines – Lazada - immersed themselves in the busy streets of Divisoria and Binondo to scout and encourage stall owners to try selling online. 

Carlos Barrera, CEO of Lazada Philippines, recalls their early beginnings. 

"We started 11 years ago, it was nothing. It was pure conceptualization whether there was a market… A lot of people doubted it because the reality is many people felt like it is still early to do this in Southeast Asia," he shares. "But we have seen very strong growth over the last 3, 4 years. We pivoted along the way, so we started mostly as a retailer and we developed our own market place around 2014."

Photo source: Lazada
Photo source: Lazada Philippines 

Barrera highlights that when one is in the business of building businesses, relationships between brands and sellers are utmost priority. He furthers that maintaining a good relationship with international brands is as essential as giving extra attention to small, micro, and medium enterprises to help them grow their presence in the rapidly booming digital selling platform. 

"There are so many cases like, today we have like lucky charm [which has] two stores, two kiosks five years ago. Today, they [have] like 40 branches and she has 100 employees. So, we are really close to local businesses," Barrera underscores. Part of this growth was made possible when they joined the bandwagon of small stall or kiosk owners that turned online sellers. 

Lazada Philippines
Photo source: Lazada Philippines 

But who would have thought online business would be as thriving and lucrative today? 

After many years of planning, improving, and collaboration, consistency and hard work brought Lazada to where it is now. With the same work ethics, it is determined to continuously propel local brands achieve success, now more than ever. 

It also commits itself to help push local small businesses and empower them by helping them register in regulatory government agencies. 

"Today, there is a very progressive approach from regulator, from DTI - that as a small business owner, you just sign up with your ID and after three million pesos you have to declare. What we do is, we boost as much as possible on their sales, so they are registered owners," Barrera explains. 

Lazada Philippines
Photo source: Lazada Philippines 

Safeguarding the enterprise and their clients, Lazada employs stiff terms of governance each day. One of which is it deactivates listings found to be dubious and fraudulent. 

Barrera emphasizes that keeping the platform clutter free gives the customers the best possible experience and confidence in using the app. 

With multiple preparations, trainings, and improvements since 2014, Lazada transformed itself into an online selling platform. Banking on the 'negosyo' mindset of Filipinos, the company partnered with Alibaba in 2016 to further expand their services. Since then, Lazada turned into to what it is known today – one of the go-to e-commerce platforms in the country. 

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