Makeup must-haves in the new normal


Posted at Feb 17 2021 12:35 PM

The needs of the beauty community have been changing in recent months. Most people are still at home; thus, they tend to use less makeup and more skincare. Some are also ditching the full-face look and are choosing to go au naturel for practical reasons. People are also adjusting their looks as mask-wearing becomes mandatory with every trip outdoors. 

Still, cosmetics remain to be an empowering tool for many women - one that helps them gain confidence and makes them feel better or more attractive. The ritual of putting on makeup can be relaxing for some, or an artsy experiment for others. It is being used as a form of self-expression and professionalism on screen. 

No matter what type of makeup user you are, the new normal has changed the way people do their makeup. As such, here are two of the beauty essentials you should have in your makeup bag. 

Makeup must-haves in the new normal 1


Maskne, or the acne triggered by wearing face masks, is real and it can be irritating to deal with. These reddish bumps will pop up and leave dark spots after, that is why you will need to have a trusty concealer on hand. The product you will choose should have the right shade, right texture, and right formulation so that it will not aggravate the acne further. 

A good multipurpose concealer will also hide other imperfections such as dark circles to cover the fact that you were up late binging K-dramas. 

Makeup must-haves in the new normal 2


Either due to genetics or the humid weather, many Filipinos have to deal with increased oil production in the face which can then trigger breakouts. The mandatory face coverings can also make things worst due to the moist environment and the friction it creates. That is why having a loose powder to keep your face matte and oil-free is a big help. 

Whether you are going out or sitting down for a virtual meeting or class, simply putting on powder with a good formulation can already keep the face fresh for hours. 

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Philippine beauty brand Careline Cosmetics has been the go-to makeup line for Filipinas looking for versatile, affordable, and fun beauty products. 

Its wide collection of cosmetics aims to show the quickest and easiest way to prettify any look – whether you are at home preparing for online classes or out on errand runs. 

Knowing the changing needs of the market, Careline released its own multipurpose concealer and powder. 

Careline Acne Spot Concealer is a buildable concealer that covers and treats breakouts. Apart from hiding acne marks, it can cover dark under eyes, redness, and discolorations without looking dull and cakey. Its formula is non-comedogenic and non-irritating, so you are assured that your pimple is hidden well without making it worse. This will come in handy to treat maskne. 

It comes in four shades suitable for Filipina skin – natural, oriental, café, and mocha.

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Another product must-have is the Careline Oil Control Mattifying Loose Powder. This product combats oiliness and helps you maintain a fresh matte face for up to 12 hours. It provides natural coverage without the chalky finish while being lightweight, long-wearing, non-comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types. Apart from absorbing excess oil, Careline Oil Control Mattifying Loose Powder is enriched with Vitamin E that moisturizes and conditions the skin. A powder like this will sit well inside a face mask and help control the moist environment under it. 

It comes in two neutral shades – sugar and cinnamon.

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Make the most out of your time and budget with versatile beauty products you can apply on the go. 

Up your makeup game with Careline Cosmetics as it promises better than basic, often multipurpose products, and find beauty in the new normal. 

To check out Careline's collection of eye makeup, lip products, and more, visit its website and follow its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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