Secret duo to fight pimples

Dr. S. Wong

Posted at Jan 23 2020 11:33 AM

With the recent technological advancement and the rise of social media, many people are facing the odds of cyber bullying, causing many to be anxious and more insecure, worse demoralized and gain self-doubt. 

Though not all face the same problem, individuals with pimples, caused by excess oil production and bacteria, tend to be the subject of irrational remarks online. This stigma should be put into conclusion because lots of opportunities will be put to waste and many will eventually choose to shy away completely if it furthers. 

Why would one suffer when there are dermatologically tested products available in the market for treating and preventing pimples and acne? 

With its natural formulation, Dr. S. Wong, one of the Philippines' trusted skincare brands, presents an effective solution in treating and preventing your pimples and acne problems. 

Their years of expertise have paved the way to the introduction of the newest duo for skincare -- Sulfur Soap (medicated soap) and Bioderm Ointment. Their wonders had drawn attention, leading more people to testify their #DrSWongStory.


Dr. S. Wong Sulfur soap has antibacterial properties derived from its sulfur content and comes with aloe vera extract which is effective in keeping the skin moisturized making it look healthier and more radiant. Meanwhile, the Bioderm Ointment is a potent solution to nurse and prevent acne and pimples. The zinc oxide in Bioderm Ointment helps reduce inflammation (redness and swelling) while the Benzoic Acid, Sulfur, and Salicylic are known for their antibacterial properties. All of these works to reduce acne and its occurrence.

Together they are your secret duo to fighting pimples and acne breakouts.


Zap that zit away with Dr. S. Wong's Bioderm Ointment! #yourskincaresolution

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Pimples and acne can indeed reduce one's confidence. However, adding Dr. S. Wong to their skincare routine can eliminate those insecurities. Now, people can #RiseAbove.


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