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Superadobe: Using soil to build sustainable houses

In the age of climate change, building sustainable structures can save many lives. And this what environmentalists Beau Baconguis and Ipat Luna have in mind when they decided to introduce to the country a sustainable and earth-friendly house structure called superadobe earthen domes. Full article

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Scientists discover three 'potentially habitable' planets

As of 05/03/16 8:30 AM
An international team of scientists said Monday they had discovered a trio of Earth-like planets that are the best bet so far for finding life outside our solar system. Full article

Fans flood Twitter with 'hugot' as YouTube fest tickets run out

As of 05/02/16 7:50 PM
"Bakit ganun? Hinintay ko, Pinaghirapan ko na. Lahat lahat ginawa ko pero sa iba ka pa din napunta #YTFFHugots" Full article

Future Perfect: Sony's 4K HDR TV

As of 04/30/16 2:20 PM
Sony introduced X9000-C 4K Bravia TV in 2015, and they are now offering their Filipino fans the latest in 4K television--the 4K HDR Bravia series. Full article

Future Perfect: Sony's A6300 mirrorless camera

As of 04/30/16 1:16 PM
Sony's latest mirrorless camera took it a step further by offering A6300, with 425 auto-focus points--a big leap from its predecessor's, the A6000, 179 points. Full article

Start-up Sirin to launch ultra high-tech phone for executives

As of 04/25/16 11:33 AM
JERUSALEM - A British-Israeli start-up plans to sell a mobile phone from next month that will offer users unprecedented levels of technology and security -- and retail for close to $20,000. Full article

Huawei P9: Professional camera in your pocket

As of 04/21/16 8:47 PM
Here comes the latest innovation from the third-largest smartphone manufacturer: premium camera in a thin and light phone. Full article

Ubisoft to open production studio in PH

As of 04/18/16 8:25 PM
Ubisoft, a multinational gaming company, has announced that it will be opening its first production studio in the Philippines. Full article

'NBA 2K17 Legend Edition': Kobe's legacy lives on

As of 04/14/16 12:33 AM
Legends live on.  Full article

Cybersecurity firm warns of more attacks vs PH amid sea dispute

As of 04/14/16 12:09 AM
The Philippines' ongoing dispute with China could trigger more attacks against the Philippines, according to cybersecurity firm FireEye.  Full article

Internet speed now an election issue

As of 04/12/16 11:28 PM
Faster mobile internet has been unveiled in the country, as telcos promise to boost internet speed. But as this report tells us, only a few can feel that change. Full article