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YouTube lists 5 gaming channels for dads, kids

As the world celebrates Father’s Day on Sunday, YouTube came up with a list of its top channels where fathers and their kids can watch gaming videos that will make special day more extraordinary. Full article

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Panoorin: Higanteng bus na solusyon sa trapik

As of 08/03/16 9:55 PM
Panoorin ang isang higanteng bus na pwedeng maging solusyon sa problema natin sa trapik.  Full article

LOOK: Football-playing robots in Germany

As of 07/04/16 6:02 PM
While top football players sweat it out in the Euro Quarter Finals, enthusiasts in Leipzig, Germany are battling it out in another tournament--but the players are not humans but robots. Full article

Facebook bumps posts from friends, family in news feed

As of 07/01/16 12:02 PM
Social networking site Facebook has announced it is upgrading its algorithm to make posts by friends and families appear higher in the feed. Full article

LOOK: Liam Hemsworth's watch in 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

As of 06/25/16 12:23 PM
If there's an alien invasion and you find yourself in a time-sensitive mission, what would you bring? A high-precision watch, of course.  Full article

Facebook signs celebrities to boost live video

As of 06/22/16 9:00 AM
NEW YORK - Facebook said Tuesday it has signed a series of deals to pay celebrities and media companies to produce content for its new live video streaming service. Full article

MMDA to deploy FireChat for shake drill

As of 06/22/16 3:51 AM
MMDA recently partnered with software developer Open Garden to use its FireChat for use in tomorrow's Metro Manila Shake Drill.  Full article

No signal or load? Try this messaging app for emergencies

As of 06/20/16 6:41 PM
Peer-to-peer mobile messaging application Firechat may well be included in your "emergency go-bag" as this platform allows you to keep communication lines up even with telecom signals down. Full article

Software unveiled to tackle online extremism, violence

As of 06/18/16 11:35 AM
WASHINGTON, United States - A software tool unveiled Friday aims to help online firms quickly find and eliminate extremist content used to spread and incite violence and attacks. Full article

Apple revamps App Store, may not win over developers

As of 06/09/16 11:29 AM
SAN FRANCISCO - Apple Inc. announced a series of long-awaited enhancements to its App Store on Wednesday, but the new features may not ease concerns of developers and analysts who say that the App Store model - and the very idea of the single-purpose app - has seen its best days. Full article

Phone or friends? Guess what this study showed

As of 06/07/16 2:23 PM
A recent study looked at how one rates various people and objects such as smartphones in order of importance.  Full article