Scottie Thompson gushes over Liza; girlfriend reacts


Posted at May 20 2017 05:21 AM

Scottie Thompson better think twice before posting fanboying photos online because, when it comes to keeping tabs on you, your girlfriend is second to none. 

The two had a funny exchange of tweets over the past two days, which began when the Barangay Ginebra guard posted a photo of him together with Liza Soberano. 

It's no secret that Thompson has a huge crush on Soberano so it should come as no surprise that he lost it when he managed to snag a selfie with her. 

His photo garnered thousands of likes and hundreds of comments — but one of which was from the person he least wanted to see him gushing over another woman. 

Cue Thompson's hilarious series of tweets trying to appease his girlfriend, Pau Fajardo. He even recreated the short clip he made where he could be seen kissing Soberano's picture — this time, with a photo of his lady love. 

Obviously having fun with Thompson over the attention the photo received, Fajardo tweeted after to clarify to those who took her seriously, saying she didn't feel jealous. "Kahit nga ako nagagandahan sa kanya eh," she said, referring to Soberano. 

This isn’t the first time Thompson gushed over Soberano. 

Before Ginebra's Game 5 win against San Miguel Governor’s Cup Finals last October, he got a good luck shout-out from the "Dolce Amore" star, which he credited for his clutch play which sealed the win. 

Unfortunately for Thompson this time around, the boost he got from getting a photo with Soberano wasn't enough to help him against the Rain Or Shine Friday night. 

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